Window Stickers Manual and Automatic

"I think I shall go down to the Dealership and buy me one of those foreign De Lorean sports jobs, Wilford."

Wilford sucked on his pipe contemplatively and leaned back into his highback leather chair. "Yes, Bransforth, we simply must stand apart from the same old Porschafiles in this Country Club. So passe. Hand me the sifter."

And so it must have gone for anyone who had upwards of $25K to waste on a sports car in the economically treacherous early 80s. Below you see two window stickers: one for black interior manual and one for black interior automatic. A number of observations can be made.

1. The space between "DE" and "LOREAN" is enforced here. 2. Interior Hood and Engine Compartments releases are "features." Well, that's certainly luxurious. 3. Tinted windows are standard. Delorean windows are tinted?! 4. Fuel economy estimates are based on a price per gallon of $1.55. This is a remnant of malaise, as deregulation of the oil industry held the price well below $1 for the remainder of the 80s.

Then the obvious differences like mpg rating that you can note for yourself. Each D apparently had a $600 processing charge, a $575 destination/handling charge and the automatic increased the price $650. So the $25K price never really existed, which kind of adds insult to injury when you think about it. But hey, it's not like Wilford and Bransforth cared.

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