Terry Tanner Meet May 3, 2014

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00:00 Introduction
00:13 Discussion with John on the doors.
01:20 That’s why we’re here: the doors.
02:10 That is a fiberglass replacement body.
04:30 Tanner arrives. I turned the lights off in the factory in 1975.
06:11 Why am I here? The love for the car.
06:47 Company statement; I am here to make a car that drives.
08:35 How to cool a car.
10:41 People with their name on their shirt are the most dangerous people in the world.
12:22 Robin Hood, Bricklin owner.
13:14 I want the customer to work on it. Better than a psychiatrist or beating your wife.
14:19 Let’s go in the pool room so I don’t fall down.
16:24 It was a broom factory.
17:34 March 3, 1974 we flew down.
18:00 I started competitive skating when I was 7 years old.
19:03 I earned $87.50 and we went to a car auction.
21:20 I was a charter member of the Sidewinders Motorcycle Club.
22:40 Tanner discusses his beginnings at Ford.
23:29 If you f*ck with me, you are going to get hurt.
25:20 Tanner discusses his Uncle, and getting hired at Ford.
27:14 You gotta not be doing what you’re supposed to do to have fun.
28:59 I should have been fired many times.
31:06 Tanner explains how he got to Bricklin, and why.
32:37 Tanner talks about Ed Jones.
34:50 Prototype 3, who designed the doors? You should shoot him.
36:00 Hornet suspension? How crazy is this?
37:10 Tanner discusses Tom Monroe.
39:42 Tanner interviews to get the job at Bricklin.
40:50 - 42:38 BLANK SPACE
42:55 Getting the plant started/firing people.
43:25 Dave Niles turned it into a plant.
43:46 I went through Canada with a wooden model of door.
45:50 Acrylic process described.
46:50 Building a building inside the building.
47:30 C.A. Van Norwick: resume padder.
50:15 A total mess: are we having fun yet?
50:48 Malcolm, in his infinite weirdness, and his Dad.
52:13 Adolf, who got the cold presses to make the plastics.
53:40 Out back, eh.
56:30 I just had an orgasm.
57:52 Adolf got the die sets to put in the press.
59:30 This is how people build stuff when they don't know what the f*ck they are doing.
1:02:20 Minister of Finance takes umbrage.
1:03:56 Can't get this Press off the truck.
1:05:40 We welded the die to the platform and built the first car.
1:06:28 We went from factory and car in five months.
1:07:00 I slept in my chair.
1:08:40 I spent a year in Montreal airports waiting on planes.
1:08:55 15 really good people.
1:09:10 I don't believe in 'can't.' It's how.
1:09:43 If you want someone creative, hire a hot rodder.
1:10:30 If it wasn't for that bushy haired lady, there would be no Bricklin.
1:10:40 As dumb as DeLorean.
1:12:00 Malcolm believed the crap the acrylic people told him.
1:13:38 We were sitting in the outback of Canada.
1:14:18 Why the cars are the color they are.
1:15:30 The green colors are a horrific nightmare.
1:16:15 We had an 80% scrap rate [with acrylic.]
1:16:44 The scene at the body plant.
1:17:33 A place in automotive industry because of the effort alone.
1:18:25 About the Cord Automobile.
1:18:55 Think about what was made in the mid 70s that is still worth something today.
1:19:22 This car's history is even more history is even more complex than Delorean.
1:19:30 They [Delorean] called me up, and I said, "thank you, but no thank you."
1:19:55 My wife warned me, 'we will be bankrupt, and Malcolm's a crook.'
1:20:13 I made an air door only to prove a point.
1:21:15 "Stop all work on the air door" letter.
1:22:00 A speech to Bricklin owners in 1975.
1:22:53 "I can't make the speech because the company is bankrupt."
1:23:53 Dire panic at the owner's meet: my warranty's worthless.
1:24:33 Guy says, "Can you make an air door?"
1:26:25 Production of the air door.
1:27:10 "You guys got some shit in your [Delorean] cars… by Ron Fellows."
1:27:23 [Ron Fellows] is an ass.
1:27:53 This ass built things with zero movement in them.
1:28:30 More on Ron Fellows.
1:29:52 Door hinges: lubricated by water and oxygen. They shoulda killed him.
1:30:19 He bonded tempered door glass to steel… out of [his] mind.
1:32:23 Thiokol.
1:32:43 A lot of people don't understand how to build a car.
1:34:05 You have to put things on in the right order.
1:34:51 Assembly sequence.
1:38:14 Bending the hell out of 'em every cycle. This is the intelligence level.
1:38:47 There's no excuse for this incompetence.
1:39:25 Chasing vacuum leaks is chasing a ghost. It's a nightmare.
1:39:45 I piss on the biggest fires. (Headlight discussion.)
1:41:17 Discussion on ego and cars during break.
1:42:55 Malcolm was just a money guy.
1:43:30 Two groups: one doing resumes, and one doing their job
1:43:41 We made a car that was as durable as granite.
1:44:13 I don't leave things undone.
1:44:44 My daughter will take over. If not, somebody will pick it up.
1:44:59 We have very few thinkers left.
1:46:00 I go to bed every night thinking about what I can do tomorrow.
1:46:29 I went to Wayne bank for a loan to buy Bricklins.
1:47:50 Jack Buell
1:48:48 Frozen cars with no batteries.
1:49:13 The last Bricklin: 2897.
1:50:11 You gotta pay for the tires.
1:50:36 Jack and the Pantera Connection
1:51:33 Jim wanted a Green Bricklin.
1:52:20 They've each got a personality
1:52:40 I like the Ford powered ones better.
1:53:52 Hard times and starting over.
1:55:33 Description of building the current shop.
1:57:27 I had no intention of continuing at that time.
1:57:40 Receivership for the Bricklin II was a facade.
1:58:08 Concurrently, the plant was in Canadian bankruptcy.
1:58:40 Tri-End Motors: $5 a pallet.
1:59:27 Anybody else want a ride [with John]?
2:00:06 Tanner gives Tri-End an offer they can't refuse.
2:00:57 Previously stolen parts start showing up.
2:02:50 Going over the cars again.
2:03:19 Tanner's special notebook.
2:03:32 Malcolm never had any money, he was bankrupt 3 times.
2:03:57 Malcolm is an important kind of person.
2:04:47 People that step out of line.
2:05:13 By 10:30 that night, a million dollars is gone.
2:06:43 Malcolm never spent any time in the factory.
2:07:27 Malcolm could motivate a rock.
2:07:48 He's still doing it: electric car.
2:08:42 He's 74, he hasn't quit.
2:09:12 I'm going to keep doing it.
2:09:20 I've got two contracts…
2:09:40 I will not prostitute the car.
2:10:37 Question on the seats. "They were bad."
2:11:27 When I was with Ford… you could hear their heals click.
2:12:43 Feasibility study.
2:13:40 Building a car: you don't do this, you don't do that.
2:14:17 The metaphor of the pond when it comes to building cars.
2:14:42 Water gets deeper as cost goes up because of the tooling cost.
2:15:40 Canadian government only let us pay $4.
2:16:23 Employees came from the unemployed.
2:17:47 A break in talking. Pontificators and Prevaricators join in.
2:18:29 Tanner describes the car people were getting rides in.
2:19:22 Tanner takes Bill R. to task for dissing turbos.
2:20:19 "I like centrifigals."
2:22:19 Talking with John Lodge, Terry's assistant: how did you get involved with Terry?
2:23:50 John describes his work with Terry's car, "The Chairman."
2:25:30 John: worked 2 weeks to get a door right.
2:27:41 Bill R. talks about decision to come to the meet on a slipping clutch.
2:28:32 Bill R. does Steve R. impression.
2:29:13 John talks about his upbringing.
2:30:13 I got beat up every day.
2:32:10 Sam and Rob and Preston talk about Tucker meet and fuel leaking out of Deloreans.
2:34:00 Back to talking about the Bricklin with Terry.
2:35:00 Talking about cooling the Bricklin.
2:36:44 Malcolm was the man who had the dream.
2:37:10 "If you don't ask, the answer is always 'no.'"
2:37:50 It was amazing the paperwork involved in getting the situation started.
2:38:34 Talk about Malcolm's past.
2:39:00 Malcolm doing his thing: lost riches
2:40:00 Kiddie carts and Dune Buggies and Subarus
2:40:10 Safety Car idea.
2:41:00 Terrible safety car concept.
2:42:10 Tom Monroe and Bob Cliff and Zora's Dunktoff's car
2:42:54 Discussion of the frame rigidity.
2:43:31 When you buy a motor, get quality. Everybody said 'no.'
2:44:19 Went with AMC because we could get it.
2:44:35 Tag test: 4,000 mile test.
2:45:20 Proto 5 was crashed, and is being driven around now.
2:46:08 Proto 6 sat on a surface plate.
2:47:00 Tanner welded it to the surface plate: no more show and tell.
2:48:33 The Four Seasons restaurant story: the world premier of the Bricklin.
2:49:00 Car 4: The car that was branded.
2:50:00 Getting Car 7 out of the Four Seasons.
2:51:01 Making a rotisserie to get the Brick through the door.
2:51:47 Uninvited person in the car.
2:52:30 "I steal tires."
2:53:00 Driving out of NYC in the morning. And out of trans fluid in RI.
2:53:40 Drove the car in New Brunswick. Left it there.
2:55:54 A post mortem on the car company.
2:56:20 Malcolm, the car company failed because of you.
2:57:00 His father was head of engineering.
2:57:40 If I had listened to Terry, we wouldn't be talking about the car that was.
2:58:00 People shit on by politicians.
2:58:53 I needed hard tooling; June of 1975
2:59:30 Needed approval to do anything, like getting the tooling to make a curve in the roof.
3:00:00 September 1975, plant closes, 314 cars left.
3:01:30 It wasn't a problem with production.
3:02:00 (People start disbursing.)
3:02:47 $8M dollars the politicians won't come up with.
3:03:00 Potential destroyed.
3:03:50 Get your shit loaded and go to the bar.
3:04:10 No way to keep going.
3:04:25 Plans for the Bricklin II: it almost worked.
3:05:00 That was the end of that shit.
3:05:09 Remanufacturing cars in Hershey, another Bricklin idea.
3:05:15 Turner motor; Terry's friend Frank.
3:06:17 End of Recording.

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