Proto 1

I am uninformed, so please correct any of the following if it is the least bit inaccurate:

Enough has been written on Proto 1, so I will just try to briefly account for its history since it resurfaced in the early 00s on ebay: it was in unrestored shape when it showed up, and people thought that it might be a 'fake' listing. Then after a few calls, they knew it was real. I do not know who had held onto it for all that time. I recall that Jay Leno passed on it.

Tony from dmcfl restored it, and sold it in 2007 at the RM auction for $100K hammer price. (I think he said he said it in order to expand his business.) That collector then died, and Tony bought it back in 2010. It was sold to Cliff Schmucker at DCS 2012. One of the most memorable pictures of Cliff is sitting in Proto 1, but it seems to be something of a bad luck charm for rich, older guys.

Showed up for sale 4/26/2014 on talk:

"…I was recently approached by Cliff Schmucker's executrix to help her find a new home for Prototype 1….Proto-1 has been widely photographed, appearing on the covers of all the national and international car magazines, on promotional materials from the original DeLorean Motor Company, and was taken around the country in the late seveties and early eighties to motivate investors and dealers to sign on."

The car was recently restored by DMC Florida and the stainless steel was regrained by Chris Nicholson. It is immaculate inside and out and is in excellent running condition. It has been kept in a heated/air-conditioned building since it was moved to Ohio from Florida.

The current owner is asking $192,500. All serious offers will be considered. Please contact me at ten.esuf|namedlahj#ten.esuf|namedlahj for more information."

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