JZD throws C.R. "Dick" Brown under the DMC-80

To anybody who is a Deloreanaphile, C.R. "Dick" Brown needs no introduction. And if you do need an introduction, go watch the Pennebaker Documentary on Youtube again, for Pete's sake. Aside from what anyone has written, that's probably the best illustration of how important Brown was to the company. From the documents I've seen, Brown was a trusted advisor and his opinion was considered before a great many financial decisions were made.

For whatever reason, JZD and Dick Brown fell out when things fell apart. I would speculate that this occurred when Brown refused JZD's commands to meddle with armed guards who came to seize cars at the QAC in California, but who knows. In any case, JZD authored the below document in typical "unload all guns" fashion. This, of course, is entirely consistent with his "blame everybody" 1985 autobiography.

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