Florida Express

Florida Express was a regional airline that sprang up in the midst of the early wild days of airline deregulation in the 1980s. Carriers came and went… but I remember this one for its well-done commercial in which the little boy screams: "Daddy daddy, are we reallly going to Fllloooorrrida?" We repeated that one a lot around the house.


Go ahead and watch the commercial! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bho5r6pkkY

Florida Express used the same commercial for years. By the time the one above aired in 1987, it was starting to look dated. But obviously, using the same commercial repeatedly, especially if it was effective, saved major dough in an industry that lives and dies by the margins. So what in the Sam Hill does this have to do with Delorean? The founder contacted JZD about him being on the board. At the time this would have brought some major cachet. The response from JZD is at the top: "Jim: Please tell him no nicely." Not that it means anything, but it is notable that an invitation to JZD join the board of a substantial company rates a call from one of JZD's assistant, rather than a personal call, or even a written response.


Florida Express was a legit concern, and arguably lasted longer than DMC. They were eventually bought by the Braniff II company, (whose commercial you see as the Bumper of "South Park" episodes,) who was in turn gobbled up by another airline company that no longer exists.


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