DMCA Catalogue

I have been unable to find much history of the Delorean Motor Club of America (DMCA), the first officially sanctioned club by DMC. It does appear that it was just getting going just as things were starting to go very wrong. However, we know that some of the products they offered were produced and sold, some more popular than others. We also know that they were responsible for producing the black-and-white DeGullwing Magazine that was intended to feature brief technical articles and promotions.

Below is the first (and only) color catalogue that was produced of official DMC offerings.


The jacket in panel 1 looks okay, and I wouldn't mind owning one, but it's probably a little dated to be worn seriously. It also does not appear to be of the quality of the one worn by JZD and journalists in Stainless Steel Illusion.

The sheepskin covers in 2 prove that although we think of them as cheesy today, it was absolutely acceptable at the time. So take that to your concours competition!

The sweaters still look tasteful today. The original sales brochure and owners guide remain ubiquitous on ebay. The DMC lighter, money clip and knife look worthy of having, although they are not actually stainless.

Below, the silver embroidered "wings" on the cap are very period. It was such a trend at the time to have those on your ballcap.


Note that they were promising Delorean Champagne, Nardi steering wheels, and more.


Surely these items were just the beginning. Huge aviator sunglasses would surely have followed. Maybe "Eau de Stainless" or "Weir Leather Jackets." By the mid 80s, the possibilities would have been endless.

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