Cristina Ferrare: Style

Cristina Ferrare's 1984 book titled Style has probably been overlooked by the Delorean community, as most would assume it to be just a book about cooking, dresses and hair. In truth, 99% of the book is about those things. However, beyond that, it gives an interesting glimpse inside the Delorean household during an incredibly tumultuous time: after the dissolution of the company, after the arrest, after the trial, but before the ultimate, heartbreaking breakup of the family unit itself.


The transition is apparent from the very cover: at the top it is billed, "Cristina Ferrare" while just below the writing credit is "Cristina Ferrare Delorean." In her long list of book dedications she saves JZD for last, writing simply, "To John, my life…" An incomplete sentence. Her affection for her family is apparent, though, and her attraction to the older husband makes sense: she references both Truman Capote and Quentin Crisp. She obviously loves eccentrics to begin with.


It is just six or seven years after the photos in Stainless Steel Illusion, but by this time, Cristina looks much different. Gone is the girl "toasting the future" in SSI. Here she looks like a mature woman and glamour icon. She nails the '80s with glitter, tall and shoulder length hair, spangly dresses. Though she personifies the 80s, she does not seem especially affected, and talks "frankly" about how her views of friendship changed due to JZD's ignominious flame out. In short, friends are not on the same level as family, and friendships are especially fragile, so your friends must not be burdened by "overintimacies." Some things should stay in the family.

Which makes John's 1985 autobiography all the more concerning. Cristina could have written volumes and didn't. Feeling scorned and abandoned, JZD repeated what he has done in the past: he smeared her by putting family business in the street. He accused her of affairs and golddigging, which seems crass, newly Christian or not.

As seen here, the ephemera from a soon to be bygone era is still in display: the posters in Zachary's room, the DMC-12 in photos behind Cristina, the happy couple, the unified family. We get a peak at the dreamy domesticity: the elegant hallways, period mirrored walls, valuable art, luxury appointments. Look closely and you can even see what's on JZD's bookshelf: Olympian Cars, Ferrari, Humor and Satire. The New Jersey estate had everything, and yet the damage and the hurt was too much to sustain. Quite sad.


After the divorce, Cristina married an executive at ABC, and they remain married today. She is a bonafide FOO (Friend Of Oprah,) and continues to publish books on health, cooking, and living with style.

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