The official beverage of Delorean owners.

Since ancient times, it is customary among owners to partake in consuming copious amounts of Cheerwine during infrequent Delorean gatherings, usually at the conclusion of some work completed on a participant's car. It is thought that the pure sugar provides the necessary energy to attempt further corrective action into late hours of the night.


When a homey (or a homey's car) is ailing or dies, proper etiquette dictates that the crew "tips the Cheerwine" to pay proper respect by pouring a small amount onto the ground.


Cheerwine is not for everyone. Some users report gonorreah, sore backsides and conversion to alternate fuel delivery. If you consider getting back together with your ex, discontinue Cheerwine. Ask your doctor about Cheerwine.

This woman will probably not have sex with a Delorean owner.
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