2016 DCS Raffle Car.

1981 DeLorean, Black Interior, Automatic Transmission, Original Gas Flap hood, VIN #SCEDT26T8BD000965.
Vehicle will have less than 70,000 miles on it - as it is currently being driven to various events and promotions.
New integrated fuel pump and sender unit with fully cleaned fuel tank and lines.
Newly rebuilt fuel distributor, all new fuel injectors and all new spark plugs
New electronic computer governor for the automatic transmission
New water pump and other related components, including new hot water valve
Coolant system flushed including block flush and all new coolant in system
Rebuilt brake system including new brake master and rebuilt calipers
Fresh oil change with new filter and fully lubed suspension and angle drive
Cleaned and refurbished original black interior.
Additional maintenance and updates will be posted here as completed.
Please buy raffle tickets and support the 2016 DeLorean Convention and Show!

8/2016: Won by Stefan of Denmark… and therefore now has the tag of OVERSEAS.

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