Gray manual, side stripe.

On ebay 8/2013:

Pataskala, Ohio. "This is my 1981 Delorean DMC-12 that I have owned since 2006. It is my dream car, and I hate to part with it, but I got the Ferrari bug, and don't have space or money to keep it and a Ferrari too. This is my second DeLorean, and I have learned alot about the mechanics of the car, and it's notorious history. I was 13 when my father purchased our first DeLorean, and have grown up tinkering with it. Have done numerous upgrades and repairs to it over the years. It's a great car to drive if you can drive a 5 speed manual. Gets lots of attention. I drive it regularly. I have documentation that shows that it had 19k on the odometer when the engine was replaced, with a new one, in 2006, and the speedometer was replaced with 0 miles on it. The new speedometer shows 8765. Everything works, including cold air conditioning. All of the issues with this car are cosmetic. For example: some of the rubber molding is brittle and broken~has a bb size ding on one fender~needs some interior work~ etc. But if you are not worried about little things, then this is the perfect car for you. It was not made for speed, it was made for economy and style. If you are expecting a race car, you will be disappointed. This is Vin number 901~ is an early production model, and was with the first shipment of DeLoreans to the United States from Ireland. I am not afraid to drive this car anywhere as it runs perfect. Will consider some sort of trade for either another DeLorean with automatic transmission or for a Ferrari 308. I have reduced the price to the lowest price that I would consider. $18,000.00. Great investment!"

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