Sold on ebay in Bonita Springs, FL spring of 2014. ($23K). Painted Burgundy.

"divorce forces the sale of this amazing Delorean.* I was told that I am the third owner.* I purchased it from a dealership in the Midwest and*here is what they told me:* The original owner had the car*garaged for 25 years.* He sold it to a friend who didn't like the stainless and had a high end paint job done.* He also re-did the entire interior completely; including, carpet, seats and headliner.* It has burgundy carpet and headliner and two-tone heavy cloth seats with leatherette inserts.* There is absolutely no signs of any wear whatsoever.* It looks like a brand new car off the showroom floor.* He also put new tires on it. I received the car with 6,800 original miles and have been improving it.* There are no cracks in the dashboard and only two small scuffs in the leather that have been patched and very unnoticeable. I replaced the window*post leather so that is new.* All four speakers have been replaced and the gullwing door shocks.* I put on new rubber*pedal pads, new floor mats from DMC, rubber gasketing where needed. Every electrical switch and light*has been either repaired or replaced so everything works perfectly.* All parts were purchased from Delorean Motorcars parts.

I added an expensive*Ferrari -type billet shift plate and*solid*steel shift ball.I live in SW Florida so the A/C is top-notch and has been charged.I put in*a new battery and the*larger updated alternator*from*Delorean which charges the battery to better handle an A/C that is on all the time on high.**All spark plugs*have been replaced (not a cheap task) and a tune-up was just done.* The*steering bushing was just*replaced so the wheel is solid and it steers so tight its amazing.

I am a middle-aged man, so of course I always wanted a Delorean since seeing BTTF.* My license plate tells you how much I like the car.* But unfortunately I have to pay my ex money so I will have to get*another one one day.**Because it is painted,*most people can't figure out what it is and I feel it looks much sharper than a dull*stainless one.* I have had people stop me in*parking lots and approach me in restaurants*wanting to know about the car.* I parked it a Valet outside a well known shopping / eating area in Naples* next to new*Ferrari*and 5 times as many people looked at the Delorean than the Ferrari.* It really is quite unique. "

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