Grey Manual.

VIN 7041 is owned by Samuel Hill. Cave drawings show that it is a "Metal Mickey" car. Sam Hill has owned the car since November of 2003.

7041 was listed as being imported by Goldman Auto in NY, but was sold through a Dealership in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. However, it has been a Hampton Roads car since new. This car was listed on the Bridgewater New Jersey QAC "Physical Inventory List" of 5/29/1982.

Mr. Hill saw this car when it pulled up to his High School in 1991, and later had the chance to buy it.

7041 was the recipient of a carb conversion in 2009 from the famed Bill R.

Meet Ups

My father, Preston Hill, at Udvar Hazy Museum in Northern Virginia, 10.24.2011


Here in Norfolk, VA at a Delorean Virginia Meet, 12/12/2011.


Time at DMCMW

In late 2015 / early 2016, the car was shipped to and from DMCMW for work. While there, Dave Swingle took these photos and posted them to FB


Here, it's the one closest to the wall.


Red shop rag across the back.

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