Car's owner, Bruce Bensondmc* wrote "Still Living the Dream," an article in Delorean World magazine, Vol. 11, No. 3, 1994. Article shows author in small picture with his wife.

Confirmed by James Espey's 1997 list, and was located in Minnesota, Grey 5 speed.

Won #1 30K to 40K miles at DCS in 1998. Owner, Bruce Bensondmc.* Source: DMCZINE, Vol 1, #3, 1998.

Put on sale on DMCTALK (and then retracted) Summer 2013. Was still located in Minnesota.

"It has about 100,000 miles on it but if I removed the odometer you wouldn't guess it had more than 10 or 20,000 miles. The after market wheels are 17" front and 18" rear with very good condition Yokohama S Drive tires. I have the original wheels which are in very good condition. The car has a Momo steering wheel and shift knob but I have the originals in excellent condition. The interior is very good, no cracks in the dash and the seats have been covered with sheep skins most of their life. The leather under the skins is very good. The car has been maintained and kept up to date with improvements and many new parts. It could use a head liner kit. I have lots of literature as well as a few parts, a few new but mostly used but in working order. It has Hervey's headers and mufflers but I've installed Car Chemistry inserts and they really sound pretty good without being too loud. The car has no cats and is running open loop so that could be a problem in some locations. I've reworked the ignition distributor and the car revs nicely. Beyond the headers and distributor the engine is stock. I bought the car new 31 years ago and it's been garaged and stored winters. The miles are primarily highway miles from summer cross country trips. I've always used synthetic oil and changed brake and clutch fluid regularly…"

Bruce B.

*I add dmc to surnames on purpose.

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