Listed as a grey/automatic company car "JZD." (According to Delorean Production Chronology/DMCNEWS.COM)

In May of 1997, James Espey published a list indicating that this car was an November build belonging to Raz D'Angelo. Grey manual.

Made an appearance in DMCZINE VOL. 1, #3, Fall 1998 classifieds:

1981, 13,600 mi. late 1981 - Stainless, gray int. AT, Lake Mary, FL. NTCs on all four rims. All updates done. Very Good Condition. This DMC-12 was loved. Breaks my heart but I must sell my baby. Call ***… or email me at moc.loa|dzzzzzar#moc.loa|dzzzzzar. I can down load photos if you wish. $16,000.

This VIN had a Dealer Window Sticker Retained by DMC for their files. Deloreanwiki.com owns this sticker.


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