Gray Turbo, 5 speed. Canadian Delorean. Ontario Delorean Owners Club (ODOC.) See www.odoc.ca

Site as of 4/11/14 says the car is for sale in Nova Scotia:

1981 DeLorean TURBO - Guelph, ON

The Car's Background/History

This car was purchased by some unknown person in 1981 in Texas. The computer controller in the automatic transmission went out on the car, and the car was taken to a shop for repairs. Apparently the car was repaired, but the owner did not want to pay for the repairs and abandoned the car (strange….I know!). The shop acquired title to the car years afterwards and the car sat inside a storage facility since 1983. In 1991 Darryl Tinnerstat, then owner of Specialty Auto (Currently DeLorean Parts Northwest) found the car, purchased it, and had it hauled back to Washington State. This car WAS to be Darryl's Supercharged Chevy car until Darryl found a 5 speed car later on. Darryl was going to restore this car and give it to his son. Unfortunately Darryl was unable to find time to restore the car, and a divorce forced the sale. David Jacobs purchased the car in December of 1999. Since that time, the car has been a frequently featured in Gullwing magazine for many restoration and improvement articles, and has had lots of love and cherishment (is that a word?). In other words, absolutely no hack jobs to fix items on this car. David was adamant about making sure everything was done correctly. I purchased the car in 2005 and drive it from Seattle, WA to Fergus, ON without any problems.


Because the car sat out in the hot Texas weather, the rubber, wiring etc, was completely destroyed. Wiring would literally crumble to the touch. Gas from it's last fill-up in 1985 was still in the tank (yum!). And don't even ask about gaskets and rubber hoses. What a mess! The car was stripped down completely, re-wired, cleaned up, and new parts were installed. The interior has been completely restored, and new leather seats were just installed last fall. The suspension was completely disassembled, and everything was either polished or repainted. The frame is in great shape…I removed some rust (not a lot) from the front portion of the frame, re-welded some portions for re-enforcement, and re-painted. The engine was completely torn down and re-built. Some porting a polishing was done to the engine to help take advantage of the BAE Turbo setup. I can give you more information about the engine if you are serious about the car. There is more to tell. The electrical system has been restored, but all flaws (Fan Fail, door lock module, auto trans computer, etc. etc. etc.) have been remedied. All of this is documented for you.

I re-wired the interior as well as the sound system. The stock speakers are still in the car and hooked up to the old wiring in case someone wanted to re-install the old deck (which I still have). I ran premium monster cable for the new audio setup including wiring for a Disc changer in the rear if someone wanted to install one (I use MP3 instead). The deck is also iPod compliant (whatever that means…I work for Dell. That's right….Dell DJ baby!). Did I mention that the Dell DJ also works with this deck?

Some of the work on this car has been featured in several issues of Gullwing Magazine (www.GullwingMagazine.com)

Quick List of work Completed

-Completely rebuilt and polished Brakes (including e-brake) and Master Cyclinder w/new pads & Tires
-Suspension rebuild with bushings, Houston Shocks and Springs, and front lower control arm re-enforcement.
-Steering Column bushing installed (DPNW)
-Electrical Wiring (All of it)
-Transmission Computer rebuilt with proven methods (robust CAPs, new VRs and Resistors)
-Door Lock Module Rebuilt and enhanced
-Electric Window Motors new more robust version
-Electrical Switches
-Fan Fail been completely re-done and includes seperate 40amp relays for each fan.
-More robust relays throughout
-CV Joints all re-built
-Engine Rebuilt and improved
-New Leather Seats
-New Binnacle
-New Interior Center Pieces
-New Headliners and Ceiling
-New Fuel Pump/Accumulator/Re-built Fuel Distributor
-New DPNW self adjusting door and louver struts. These work great even in cold weather! Lifetime warranty.
-New wheel bearings all around
-New Pioneer Premiere Sound System (MP3 & Satellite capable). Infinity & Eclipse speakers.
-New Tires all around with road hazard warranty from Discount Tires
-New Die Hard Gold Battery from Sears w/ 5 year warranty.
-Freshly re-furbished and re-painted front and rear facias.

-The transmission has been flushed, filter replaced, and a new pan gasket installed.

-Air conditioning has been converted over to R134a via Hervey's kit. I also replaced the hoses and canister.

-The door seals on the outer portion of the car have been replaced with Houstons door seals.

And so much more!!

-new Stainless front grill, stainless door sill inserts, rear bumper letters, LED lights, new PJ Grady light boards, LED under-body with remote & LED Interior lights

List of Upgrades

-Polished Engine Block, Manifold, turbo intakes, etc.
-Polished Stainless Steel Firewall
-BAE Single Turbo (Rajay Turbo)
-Turbo Tuned Engine
-Braided Stainless Steel Brake Lines
-Braided Stainless Steel Fuel Lines
-Toby Tabs
-Boost & Air/Fuel Gauges
-Wings-A-Loft Door Launchers
-Wings-A-Loft Door Locks
-Wings-A-Loft Security System & Remote Key Fob
-Pioneer Premiere DEH-870 CD/MP3/WMV/WAV Satellite Radio Deck
-Infinity Front Speakers
-Eclipse Rear Speakers
-DMC Houston Eibach Springs and Shocks
-DMC Houston Fuel Meter Gauge
-Polished Rear Wheel Hubs
-Polished Axels
-Polyurethane Tie Rod Covers
-DynoMat Sound Proofing
-Delco 104amp Alternator
-Silicone coolant piping throughout
-Steering wheel center piece upholstered with vinyl
-DPNW Radiator Bleed Kit
-Upper manifold bleed kit
-Stainless steel overflow bottle
-Stainless Steel Braided Speedo cable (lower)
-Clear lexan door light covers with blue lights
-Rear High Intensity LED brake bars. (So people will SEE you when you hit the brakes)
-Braided hose covers for all hoses in engine bay
-140 decibel horns. To allow you to not only be heard, but feared.
-Stainless Steel bar in front fascia to prevent eye browing.

(And MUCH More!)

Asking $38,500 obo

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