For Sale on 12/2013 out of Cleveland, OH.

I have owned my Delorean for a couple years now …
So right now I am not quite ready to sell, but by early spring I probably will list the car on Ebay/Hemmings/etc. However since I have enjoyed this message board community so much the past few years, I figured I'd throw it to all of you first.

I have a 1981 5-spd with about 18,000 on the odometer. The car is in great shape, it runs and drives just fine. Engine starts up and idles smoothly, tranny shifts well and doesn't slip. The body is in very good condition, all of the panels are unblemished aside from a small ding in the rear passenger wheel well. The front fascia has slightly raised eyebrows but that's becoming more and more common with these cars. Interior is solid, seats have no holes or tears. The dashboard has some cracks but I have a a grey dashmat on top of it. Here is what I have done with the car since purchasing it:

-New TABs
-Updated AC system (blows cold R134a)
-Replaced the entire fuse/relay system
-New oil pressure sending unit
-New otterstat
-Replaced the old rubber cooling hoses
-New front tie rod ends
-Replaced fuel pump lines
-Installed new shift linkage bushings
-Newer belts
-Various other odds & ends

There are a couple things that keep this from being a perfect car, which I have listed below:

-The aforementioned panel ding and raised fascia eyebrows
-Cracks on dashboard
-Squeaky driver side lower control arm/anti-roll bar bushing. Probably needs new LCAs.
-Small oil leak, traced to driver side valve cover. Might have 2-3 drops after a 20 minute drive, but that's about it.
-Power windows are currently inoperable. The PO did a hack job and put custom window switches in that didn't work, so I purchased new DMC switches and a passenger side window motor unit but haven't installed them. Driver's side motor works but needs to be rewired.

I'm looking to sell the car around $22,000 in the condition that it's currently in. I would like to at least get the LCA and power window issue taken care of by spring, which at that point I will likely raise the asking price accordingly. If you are interested please let me know- I live in the Cleveland area and will probably winterize the car in the next week or so. I will try to get some more pics of the car up…for now here is one from earlier this year. I also have a link to a short film that I shot featuring the car. It shows up around 2:40 into the video.


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