Fall 2016: In Norway, undergoing a long restoration. Frame was in bad shape, everything being replaced.

Posted 3/2014:

I think I must have purchased the worst delorean available. Vin 06201
It is a restauration object with lots of missing parts.
cracked windshield,
damaged rh frontfender,lh not good either
terrible interior, no binnacle, headliners and other missing parts, no glass in lh door
engine missing flywheel, no exhaust/heatshield/brackets, rear bumper, aircleaner assy, control press reg.
no lights up front,spoiler no radator/fans/cowling, horns
No fuelpump,but 50 liter water in the tank
Key don't work in the ignition
Fiberglass damage, and rust.
All of this can be fixed with time, exept the rust. I'm capable of welding, but knowing this is going to be a expensive project
I don't think I should because it will never be the same as a good rustfree frame. Having spent to much allready I can not give up the project
so I need another frame.
Any tips leading to a frame is much appreciated.
Will try to get some pics up later.


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