Black Automatic.

This VIN was on the first shipment to the US. (See Manifest 1, page 3.) The Carrier Ship was the "Continental Highway" and its arrival was listed as 5/14/1981 at the POE of Long Beach, CA.

Company car for R. Wemple of CTC.
Also Chestnut Fleet Rental. Leased from CFR Inc. and returned with sales restrictions without warranty.

In 1/2017, papers surfaced listing this VIN in Safety Campaign RA-0001.

Mentioned in Deloreanworld magazine, Spring 1987. On p. 29, Tim Baranski notes that 520 through 648 were meant for testing and executives only. (Due to the way the article is written, it is unclear if Tim Baranski owned the car, or if he was reporting for Dave Kunk, mentioned in the sidebar.) He acquired this car "through a contact at the factory." It has a VIN tag showing a date of March 81. "The car was subsequently shipped to the factory for dismantling. I acquired the car in April of 1982 just prior to the June 1982 shutdown of the plant."

For sale in DeloreanWorld magazine, Vol 7, Number 2, Summer 1990: "The last prototype prior to production. One of three pre production cars known to exist. Only 4,500 actual miles. Showroom condition. $22,900. Call Ohio 419 586 5403."

Mentioned in DeloreanWorld magazine Summer 2006, p. 6. In 1988 this car according to museum records was displayed in the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum. The car sold while on loan and left in 1994. Sold again at Barret-Jackson in March 2003 in Florida. Had a sticker that reads "Factory Training Car."

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