Won #3 (tie) 20K to 30K miles at DCS in 1998. Owner, Marc Levydmc.* Source: DMCZINE, Vol 1, #3, 1998.

*I add dmc to surnames on purpose.

One of the Deloreans formerly associated with Marc Levydmc* as told in DeloreanWorld Vol III, No. 1, Winter 2006. Levydmc* bought this car from PJ Grady in 1993 and ran it regularly until 2001, when it developed a cracked ring. It had a turbo set up. Was most likely outfitted with a regular PRV.

12/2014: Resurfaces. Had been in the ownership of John Hervey until bought by new owner. "…it was the one sitting up against the house." From photos posted by owner, both front and rear fascias in bad shape, interior in bad shape, but engine compression was described as good.

See also 1860 and 6049.

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Update 8/2016: Marc Levy reports via email that he still owns this car and it was NEVER owned by Hervey.

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