Never has one car made so many people upset. 5939 is the original Bill R. Delorean. It has received extensive modifications over the years, including carburetion, steering improvements, ground bus, suspension improvements, etc.

I rode in this car for the first time on the way to a Fall DMA event in 2011. (I think.) We went to Pennsylvania and toured some old town that was smoking from underneath because 40 years ago some guy in a mine tried to light his farts.

Bill R. continues to make people in D community angry by proving them wrong by using his own genius, inexpensive methodology to make it work.

Added 8/1/013:


- May 2002: Purchased off eBay for $7,500. Main propulsion at that time: 9.5:1 compression 2.7 liter Renault Z7V PRV with Eurospec K-Jet.
- Evening of first day of ownership: A/C converted to R134 in a borrowed driveway with minimal tools. #5939 has been successfully running R134 ever since on Dunmurry original components except for the compressor itself.
- Fall 2003: Headlight switch catches fire. Exterior lighting circuit modified to include a new relay for side/tail lights. Crappy 3 way headlight switch replaced with slightly less crappy single action hazard switch, which used to cost $15 thank you very much.
- Winter 2003: OEM exhaust replaced with Spec .01 exhaust (stainless flex tubing wrapped around the engine cradle, mufflers hung directly below the rear frame extensions). Original intent of Spec .01 exhaust was to facilitate engine access from underneath the car (K-Jet was still in place at that time). Whiplash inducing performance increase was just a fringe benefit.
- June 2004: Due to block rot, main propulsion replaced with a zero mile crate 8.5:1 2.85 liter Peugeot PRV originally intended to drive a barge bilge pump. Crate propane carburetor replaced with a Motorcraft (Ford) 2150. Because the lower engine casting has centered motor mounts (no transmission intended to hang off the back of the engine), "temporary" engine cradle extensions rigged up for DCS'04, since painted gray and accepted as a permanent addition to the car. Engine replacement completed in two weeks.
- June 2008: First home made intake manifold test driven. 17 home made manifolds and 2 adapted Peugeot manifolds have since been test driven, totally ruining the hold down bolt holes in #5939's formerly zero mile crate engine heads.
- Winter 2009: Aluminum side channels added to the crumple extension to reinforce a failed weld repair that preceded Bill's ownership. Much wailing and gnashing of teeth from pontificators, prevaricators, and arbiters of DeLorean purity.
- Fall 2010: 4 gauge ground bus installed from one end of the car to the other, with every factory ground junction tied into it. Actual ground point for the instrument cluster located in the process (it is *NOT* the radio bracket). Ground schematic for the entire car posted on DMCTalk, which continues to be bandied about in Bill's absence.
- Spring 2011: Courtesy lights upgraded: LED footwell lights, biggest LED array possible in front dome fixture, door edge LED's, LED arrays in disused dome lenses attached to B pillars, LED's in parcel shelf cutouts. 177 5050 SMD's, 531 individual LED circuits.
- September 2011: Spec .01 front suspension installed: Heninger battleship quality lower control arms and Uding overpriced but bolt up ready outriggers. Backing washers added to protect #5939's new shock tower paint job, serendipitously preventing bushings from walking out of the Uding brackets. Brief appearance made on DMCTalk to promote backing washers before being rebanned (three owners did receive Good News before the ax fell).
- Fall 2011: Carpets dyed black. Too awesome for words.
- July 2013: Disused K-Jet wiring ripped from the engine compartment. Rubicon has been crossed (don't get excited: barge engine doesn't have any injector bungs in its heads anyway).

Bill Robertson

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