Victim of an engine fire 9/22/13.

Owned by Darryl G. of Swoyersville PA. Car sat for extensive periods, from 1983-1997, was used briefly and then sat again from 2000-2001 when it was bought by Darryl. Car was given a 3.0 EFI swap, sent to Josh B. of DPI. After a period of disagreement, the car was sent back unfinished. Josh declared the car unsafe due to wiring, rotten frame and a rodent problem.


On 9/23/13, Darryl offered these words to refute the above account, along with his personal story of ownership:

To give you background on this car. When I was 12 I use to go cut grass with my grandfather, Walter Levanda. I knew I wanted a DeLorean and saved the "money" I got paid. I never spent a cent. When I was 16 I got a job at a video store and worked many hours. When they asked why I wanted so many and did extra work on the side I said it was to buy a DeLorean. which i got laughed at in a nice way because it was cute. I turned 17, a few months later I had a lot saved from any holiday, birthday, job, whatever. I went and was able to get a personal loan for the rest of the amount with help from relatives. I saw one for sale in pittson Pa by the family Valenti. I paid for it and drove it home in 2001. It was the car I taught myself how to drive, it was the car I learned how to work on. it was the car at the parade for Sept 11 2001 for our troops in our little town, the car i used to follow the ambulance that took my grandfather to the hospital for the last time, the car that I used in my other grandfathers funeral, an awesome 80s party, the car my future wife and I drove home when I proposed, the one that entertained an army of kids at our engagement party. It was the car we said we would pass down to our kids or grand kids.

So I do have maybe an unhealthy love for this particular automobile. And it really sucks it had to go so early on me.
But I have Lauren and the car will be replaced, this one just has so many memories.

So trust me, it won't be lost."

Liberty Mutual is my insurance company, and I do have full coverage.
They said they aren't sure how to determine the value. It will be several ways, however they want all the paper work from 2001. I have paper work from the mid 90s too. I believe it will be market value, however she said they may base it on the condition of the surviving parts, plus taking in account the many safety upgrades/improvements I've done this year alone.

it was an odd place where it started, there doesn't seem to be anything there that should be on fire. Most of the damaged seems to be on the right side of the car as well.
And as soon as I get the information on what happened I will definitely let everyone know. I don't want anyone to experience this. seeing the axes being cut into the pontoon and windows really hurt as well while they made sure it was out. And any information I can give feel free to ask if I don't post it.

I've been trying to make sure I post the same information in each forum.
when I talked to the agent today she said (not making this up) State Police Officer Micheal J. Foux (pronounced Fox)said a 9-11 call was palced about a car that had fire on its rear bumper about 5-10 min before i had any car trouble.
Slammed on the brakes and the car began to experience a missfire/rich condition. perhaps the fire screwing with the pick up sensor?
stopped the car, started back up. still didn't see a fire.
car began to bog down again once we picked up speed.
smoke began to fill the cabin from behind the passenger side.
pulled over and began to battle fire. the middle of the bumper above the muffler and crank was all flames.
the wiring for the lights under the overflow bottle, the tape began to bubble. The fire spread to the left and right pontoon. The main engine cover sank and caught fire from the bumper and sides which than ignited the fuel lines and electrical parts.
Once we got away the louvers were open which ultimately caught fire and fell into the car.
The bumper, plate, tail lights, all hoses and the belt, were all disintegrated. the fuse box area was damaged beyond recognition.
The ECu are looked fine, however I didnt pull it apart.

[Above taken from dmctoday.]

After speaking with the insurance company today, the car is being released. The new owner should be taking it within a few days.

I asked about what documents I can post and what I can't since the fire inspection company said I had to be selective about who I can name etc…
The response I was given was I can type in my own words what the reports say, however they would prefer if I didn't post themselves.

So to satisfy the cause and origin of the fire that destroyed 5898.

The fuel line running on top of the PRV between the rails burst or split under pressure. Presumably when I hit the gas pedal hard.

Now to make this clear, this is not a fuel line that I installed. This was the one already on the 3.0 when I picked the car up.

The fuel line failed and spit fuel to the right side of the motor. It covered the alternator and converter. Causing a fire on the inner side of the engine bay right hand side.
They explained from the angle I was standing I didn't see the fire raging behind the panel I used for cover.

The fire than moved to the bumper and united that as well.
They said once the fire started there wasn't anything I would have been able to do.
This the car was doomed as soon as that line burst.

You can see in the pictures on the right side valve cover, alternator and fuel rail the color which shows what he described as the start of the blaze. The right side sustained the damaged and it just moved to the bumper. But from what I stated it burned from the inside out.


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