Grey Manual.

Youtube video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9joSkquYvQ

1/2017. For sale on Dmctalk.

this is a full-on involved restoration project car. This car has been sitting for 20+ years. I've only drove it in a parking lot and I've never been beyond 1st gear or reverse with it. It needs a lot of work to say the least.

I bought the car in 2010. It spent a lot of time before that being driven in the salty northern roads. The salt destroyed the frame and made the car unsafe to drive, hence why it has sat for so long. When I bought the car it would start right up and sounded healthy. The motor did idle high (around 1500rpm) due to a sticky fuel distributor. I have not started the car since 2010.

I found a donor automatic frame that I converted over to manual. Refurbished that frame and it's ready to go under the car and replace the rusty one. The car is still sitting on the rusty frame at the moment.

The car is #5788, an Oct. 1981 build with 48,000 miles, 5-speed manual, and grey interior.

I'm not in a position where I have to sell the car. The only reason I'm putting it up for sale is due to the fact I've had the car for 7 years now and I have barely touched it. That being said I don't mind holding on to it longer and eventually restoring it. If someone wants it more than me though , you're welcome to buy it and the refurbished frame. I'm asking $15,000.
If you're interested and want more info send me a private message. The car is located in Jackson, TN (about 80 miles east of Memphis). The car does have a clean/clear TN title in my name.

These are some older photos and videos. The car is shoved in a shed and hard to get pics at the moment. It still looks the same.




Video from 2010 when the car was running…

Frame currently under the car…



The refurbished donor frame…




All stainless is in good shape except for this small dent in the drivers door…


The following are some of my pre-purchase pictures and before I cleaned the car up…





One wheel is messed up but I do have a replacement wheel that I'll include with the sell…



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