520 never had a door sill VIN plate, since Day 1 that it was delivered to the US in January 81. This car may have been delivered to Chicago. It is listed as a company car for N. Ellsworth. Associated with Chestnut Fleet Rental.

vin559.com comments on Chestnut Fleet Rental: "88 cars …were purchased from the DeLorean Motor Company (DMC) and leased back to [Chestnut Fleet Rental], which was intended to provide early funding for DMC, and DMC in turn would get to use them as company cars for their employees. In essence, it was a loan with the collateral being 88 cars… There was an early shipment of 22 DeLoreans, then a later shipment of 66… the deal went south, and DMC never paid CFR. It got caught up in a whirlwind of legal battles, and finally CFR won the collateral of those 88 DeLoreans. The only problem? Since there were 13 unassigned company cars, and DMC was short on funds and parts, many of these 13 (Egull included) were heavily scavenged, to use those new parts for cars still on the assembly line."

2015 update: P. 432, Delorean: Celebrating the Impossible. "Dealer Training."

For sale in DeloreanWorld magazine, Vol. 1, No. 1, Summer 2002. "Vin 0520!!! (one of the earliest known - 19th non production car), 23,000 miles, 5 speed, black interior , gas fill door in hood. 500 miles since extensive upgrades at PJ Grady much paper work including all receipts. $20,000 (609 area code.) or moc.dnaliksnipil|kcorhcsj#moc.dnaliksnipil|kcorhcsj New Jersey."

In 1/2017, papers surfaced listing this VIN in Safety Campaign RA-0001.

2/5/2016 Edit: On 2/1/2016 dmcseller offered the following document on this VIN:

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