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I'll chime in to alleviate over speculation. This happened the last week of September at our facility in Ohio. It was a brutally hot day and early on a PA owner was stranded on the side of the road. I sent one of my techs with a standard load out of tools, jump box and a jerry can of fuel in the trailer. My tech could not managed to get the car running. Loaded up and brought the car back to Ohio. While loading he had an issue with the winch randomly shorting out and just clicking when actuated. He returned later that day and we unloaded the stranded car. We left the rig hooked up as we were picking up 5195 from the alignment shop as it was slated for delivery the following day. We loaded 5195 at the alignment shop without a problem and as standard hooked the winch cable to the front tow hook and snugged it up to secure for transport. Upon returning to the shop around four in the afternoon we backed up the grade behind the building and parked the trailer on the incline. I went about a few other things and the trailer backed to the building nose down. A little after five we opened the rear gate to pull the car out. The fumes from the jerry can had settled at the front of the trailer around the winch. As soon as the controller was jogged at the rear of the trailer it was over. We quickly realized we couldn't contain the situation and moved to damage control. Thankfully the trailer was stilled hooked to the tow vehicle and we were able to get it away from the building.

We worked with our insurance providers inspection team fully and an independent firm hired by us to find fault in the matter. Both came to the same conclusion which I am not in a position to speculate in detail on as they continue to work with the equipment manufacture in question on this. Even though we were not found at fault this was a sad day with a lot of hard work lost. We were forced to take a massive loss on this as to allow for the soon to be owner made whole. At the same time a lot of good has come from it as well. We have learned in detail how bad things can get quickly and how best to prevent such things and be covered for it. In the end thankfully no one was hurt or killed.

Last week I signed off on the trailer title and car remains. They were bound to try and sell what was left so this being discussed was inevitable.

Losing this car was absolutely heart breaking for me personally. This car was one of the first I purchased years ago with my mentor who got me into this business. He passed away in May of last year before the completion of the build. I felt a sense of closure with finishing the car and was happy that it was going to a good home. It will be a long time if ever that I can bury this experience and put it behind me.


Josh Bengston
DeLorean Industries


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