Stage II. Formerly owned by patrick swayze's brother in law. 9/2013, sold.

Update, 2/2014:

This car had the interior and wheels and other bits from will.i.am's Delorean. Unfortunately wrecked in Burbank, CA and totaled by insurance company on 2/24/2014.

"Sadly my newly purchased Stage 2-Automatic-DeLorean (purchased in October 2013) was hit by a delivery truck last week and rammed me into the car in front of me. Both front and back are beat up pretty bad (front and back fenders are bent and hood somewhat also… see pictures). My insurance company has declared the vehicle as totaled, although I have not had DMC California do a full repair estimate yet, where it is currently sitting. I am waiting to receive the "Salvage" value from my insurance company, and my insurance has offered to give me their estimated cash value of $31,200(this includes 9% CA tax). DMC CA has also already offered to buy the Salvage from me if the price is right…"

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