11/2016 for sale on talk by mpolzin:

I am selling the project that I have been working on for the past several years. This is a very solid car with a lot of work already done. It is a 1981 with the grooved hood (no gas flap), with grey interior and 5-speed manual transmission. This car was previously painted, but it is now back to stainless, I had the car soda blasted a couple of years ago with a really nice result. Check out this video to see that work being done.


The frame on this car is in great shape. I dropped the fuel tank for cleaning and the traditional bad spot where the master cylinder leaks is even looks good. Check out my blog for a bit of a history on this car and some of the work that I have done.


This car comes with MANY new parts, including newly recovered seats (see blog of pics) with DMCH covers, a full set of interior carpeting from DMCH (not installed), new tires, hose kit, alternator, and much more. All the stainless on this car is nice, no dents, no dings. It does need to be re-grained. I started that work, it is not finished, but it comes with an entire box of the correct 3M pads to finish the job.

I have never started this car, but the engine turns easily. When I turned it over (dry) the water pump leaked so I pulled the intake, and the intake remains off the car. Currently the rear quarters and T-Panel are also removed. I pulled them off because I didn't want a ton of soda in the engine compartment.

I am also including a cache of parts I have collected for previous Delorean restorations I have done. This pile includes a lightly damaged drivers rear quarter, a lightly damaged rear fascia, valve covers, valve assemblies, and the list goes on.

I have a family and other obligations now days, and I just don't have the time to spend on this anymore so I would like to pass it on to someone who can put this car back on the road. I will accept the best offer I receive $12,500 or more.

VIN 5063


Was sold on 12/2/16 and headed to Norway,


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