Offered for sale on Talk June 2013

I bought it from the original owner about 14 months ago. It had been sitting in his garage for about ten years. I took it to Haglin Automotive in Boulder CO any they got it running great now. I have out in new fuel pump sender sombo and it has helped the car run great. The angle drive has been giving me problems so the speedometer odometer needs to be fixed 76K miles, but I have literally only driven 100 miles in the car. I have been in touch with Dan Haney and the Rocky Mountain Delorean Club and they have told me it does need the upgraded front end supports. This is a very original car that still had the blue fan fail relay installed when I got it, which I guess is extremely rare. Comes with extra parts that were given to me from original owner and owner's book. Also has a very unique ski rack that attaches to the top of the gull wing door. New tires and new interior seats and AC has just been charged by Haglin. Give me a call if you have any questions or want to set up a time to see it. It is manual transmission with gray interior and vin is 4496.
I am looking to get 20K.
Eric B

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