Surfaced 12/14/2016 on talk:

"I'm Kevin from Wisconsin. I've recently came into possession of #4365. She actually has been in the family since 1985, but hasn't seen the road since about 1988. Needless to say, I've got some work to do to get her back on the road. Body and interior are in excellent shape since it hasn't been out of the garage in all of that time.

It is great to have this type of community and knowledge all right here. As I go through the process I'm sure I'll be looking here first for advice and such. I'll try to post some pictures as I get things worth sharing.

Right now I'm just trying to gather knowledge and any specialized tools. As it's cold up here and I don't have a heated garage to work on it! I figure first step is to get the motor turning then figure out if I need to pull the motor and rebuild it."

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