Offered for sale on DMCTALK March 2013.

I have for sale a 1981 DeLorean that was equipped with black interior and a 5-speed manual transmission. This car was my daily driver up until December of last year when an unfortunate accident caused a rear hub carrier to fail which resulted in frame damage to the rusty front crumple area.
The mechanicals of the car are in great shape and the car runs well.
I took the car to DMCNW and Toby has advised me that the car will need a replacement frame due to the damage at the front as well as rust problems throughout.
The car was painted black when I bought it and I paint stripped the car about 3 years ago. There is no major body damage but there are a few small dents here and there. I have spent countless hours wet sanding and polishing the stainless to get more "shine" out of it. The windshield is cracked. The car has new headlights, taillight bulbs, and side marker lights/gaskets. All lights work.
The interior of the car is decent but using it as a daily driver has worn it a bit.
The seats are cracked badly so I have put sheepskin covers on. The binnacle has 1 crack running down the middle but it is a smooth crack. The top of the center console has spider cracks. The dash is not cracked. I have recovered one of the door headliners in the correct gray but the middle and the other side was done by a PO in black. The car has a new DMC headlight switch. LED door lights.
The car has a new clutch, pressure plate and bearing (less than 500 miles).
Recent clutch master cylinder and slave.
Recent Brake master cylinder.
Had the accumulator and fuel pump done when I bought the car.
Refurbed rear hub carrier with a new bearing, rotor and brake pads.
New Dist cap, rotor and plug wires
New alternator from DMC
Had $500 worth of AC repair done when I bought the car but it was not finished.
Recent oil change.
Lower speedo cable replaced. (needs an angle drive)
Cooper Futura tires with about 2000 miles on them

I am asking $11,000 obo for this car.
The only reason I ask this much for a car that is need of large repairs such as this is the engine and trans of this car are in very good condition. Most project cars you pick up will be in need of fuel system repairs and will have other unknown issues but this car is in perfect "running" condition. The car is not road worthy because of the damage however it does still move under its own power. I would allow a potential buyer to drive the car around the block to test the condition of the running gear HOWEVER any damage to the car would be that person(s) responsibility.
Perfect for someone who wants to do a frame off restoration.
The car is located in Puyallup, WA
Any questions are welcomed,


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