8/2016: For sale by Kozmatic on dmctalk, JAX Fl.

I’m reluctantly putting my 1981 Delorean up for sale, due to personal issues. Please review the description and feel free to hit me with any questions.

1981, 5 speed manual, 78k miles, VIN 3849. Located in Jacksonville, FL. Clear title. Asking $32,000.

Link to CL ad: http://jacksonville.craigslist.org/cto/5677373844.html

The car runs well. I can drive it anywhere and would not hesitate to drive it across the state. It’s not perfect and as most of you know, it can always stand to have some attention here or there. There’s been a lot already restored in this car and I have receipts for much of the parts. I believe I’m the 3rd owner. It’s been garage kept and it’s been driven! A lot! And that is a good thing.
I’m a second owner (previously VIN 4117) and have several years under my belt and can speak very confidently about the car. Below is an honest assessment of where it stands, what it needs and has been priced accordingly.


• Exterior:
o Stainless is an 8 out of 10. There’s one ding on the rear pass panel and hard to notice ding on the pass door roof (light has to pass just right to see it). There are some light scratches that could be worked out with blending pad.
o Frame is in very good condition. There are a few small spots with light surface rust and one of the rear tie down loops is bent.
o Tinted glass on doors and rear fenders. No tint on rear window and windshield

• Interior:
o Seats are 8 out of 10 with wear in driver’s seat and small ¾ tear in pass seat.
o Binnacle is in excellent shape 10 out of 10
o Dash is in excellent shape with one minor, ½ inch crack near glove box (9 out of 10)
o Carpet in good condition, floor mats could be replaced but not terrible.

Replaced by previous owner:
• Radiator
• Fuel pump / float (DMC Houston model)
• Alternator
• Tires (slightly larger than stock on front as to get raised white letters)
• Relay updates, fuses and fuse box
• Side marker lights
• LED lights in doors
• Coolant bottle (DMC Aluminum)
• Water pump & hoses
• New headliners
• Clutch master cylinder
• Braided clutch line

Replaced by me:
• Complete R-134a AC system including condenser, evaporator and dryer from DMC, accumulator, compressor, AC lines & high and low switches from DPI. This unit will shoot snowballs in the middle of Florida summer heat.
• AC blower motor
• AC Mode switch rubber baffle (DMC)
• Door locks (Single key) (DMC)
• Door lock actuator (New DMC Electronic)
• Lowering springs (SpecialTauto)
• Easy lift door struts (SpecialTAuto)
• Struts for hood and louvers (SpecialTAuto)
• Easy rider shocks (SpecialTAuto)
• Front wheel bearings (both sides) (DMC)
• Lower ball joints (both sides) (DMC)
• Control arm bushings (DMC)
• CV drive shaft boots & clamps (all four, driver’s side and passenger) (DMC)
• Speedo angle drive (DMC)
• Brake Master Cylinder (DMC)
• Ceramic brake pads all the way around (DMC)
• Parking brake cable (pass side) (DMC)
• Parking brake pads (DMC)
• Clutch slave cylinder (DMC)
• Brake light boards with LED lights (DMC)
• Control Pressure Regulator (DMC)
• Vacuum delay valve (DMC)
• AC belt pulleys and oil seal in head behind it (DMC)
• Alternator belt (DMC)
• JVC Media player (Bluetooth, USB, AM/FM, Pandora ready) (Original Craig radio was not present and therefore is not included)
• Internal cabin LED strips for light (white)
• Dash LEDs (DMC)
• Steering wheel column bushing (SpecialTAuto)
• Momo style steering wheel (DMC-Midwest version) (Still have original)
• Both engine mounts (DMC)
• Hex magnetic oil drain bolt (SpecialTAuto)
• Distributor cap, rotor, plugs and new style DMC wires (DMC)
• All intake gaskets (DMC)
• Shifter boot (DMC)
• Driver’s side low beam headlight
• Front fascia reinforcement

Not replaced that still work with no problems, but are prone to failure:
• Windows, window switches
• Defrost, switch
• Original audio speakers
• Door handles

What it needs:
• Both front and rear main seals leak small amounts oil. Not extreme but you can see the drops collect on oil pan after driving taking days to appear. This has not been bad enough to justify the amount of work needed to replace the seals in my opinion. Just keep it cleaned up regularly and it is never all that bad. (I have seals on hand along with clutch alignment tool from DMC)
• Muffler bracket on alternator side missing (using hose clamp to keep muffler in fixed position)
• Some paint fade on top of rear of fascia
• Engine cover adjustment (rubs on back of fascia when closed)
• Starts fine when cold, but now power until warm. I’ve replaced the Control Pressure Regulator twice along with the delay valve but stopped there. It only takes 2-3 minutes to get operating temp warm enough to drive.
• Small, ¾ inch tear in passenger seat
• Front tires balanced
• Front truck area has some stripped screws for the access panels. Previous owner used a black caulk to seal them. I’ve removed some of it as I worked in those areas. This could still be cleaned up.
• Driver side gearbox mount is cracked – can be welded or replaced.
• Slight damage to underbody from misaligned lift (rear passenger side). This is unable to be seen unless under the car.

• Original window sticker
• Original buyers order with various pieces of documentation
• Workshop manual, parts manual, tech manual and various pieces of documentation
• Flux Capacitor – Not movie replica authentic, but looks pretty good and amazes all but the trained eyes. It’s also smaller and does not take away precious space on the back shelf like movie size does. Easy to remove, held in with Velcro to rear wall.
• Various spare parts – oil and air filters, gaskets, etc.

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