Was a September 1981.

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Collision with a deer in April 22, 2012.

A fair use quote:

"Here's the story, had my car back for 7 months, and on the road 4 of those. On my way to work a second job tonight, I ended up hitting a deer on the interstate. Wasn't able to see it on the side of the road and slow down before it happened, it was only fur in front of me, then BANG. It seems to have been a miracle hit though, didn't damage the radiator, aside from some fur in it and maybe a few bent fins, however, it blew out both my high beams, knocked out my grille, and my logo (which I recovered from the road) and royally messed up the front facia. I was able to baby the car home (a trip of about 15 miles), my hood seems now be out of alignment, but still opens and closes ok, and no stainless was messed up. "

However, reported damage at that time was the following:
fasica and everything supporting and or behind it
condenser (bent in)
spoiler (torn)
rock screen
radiator shroud
washer bottle
bottle housing
fiberglass damage to the tub (we quoted grafting a section in)
wiper transmission (hood pushed into the transmission with more fiberglass damage)
left front fender ( bowed outwards and creased up the fender well)
hood is now a rainbow sticking out over an inch and half at the middle of the fenders with the fiberglass separated from the stainless (grooved hood)
Doors- both buckled and destroyed the front latches, tore the glass free on the passenger side and will not close. The bond between the outerdoor skin and door failed and they now move freely of each other.
Both rear fiberglass inlays destroyed from the doors shifting backwards
T panel damaged from doors pushing back

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