This VIN listed in Damaged Seats papers.

For sale on talk, summer of 2014.

The car is a 1981, August build (VIN 03231) with non gas flap, grooved hood with a 3 speed automatic transmission. I'm based in Vacaville, CA.
The car was originally sold in Oakland, CA and has been in the bay area its entire life. I bought it from the original owner 10 years ago, Feb 2004 with only 4,000 miles on it. Since then I've put about 12,000 trouble free miles on it and done a bunch of the common updates to make it safe and reliable, even as a daily driver. All of the work has been done by myself, I have a fair amount of automotive mechanical experience.

New KYB shocks (special-T Easy Rider 1) installed last week, previous ones were original to the car.
"Toby" inconel alloy trailing arm bolts installed at 5k miles.
New matching Cooper Cobra tires installed in 2012 (less than 1500 miles on them)
New Axxis brake pads with less than 5000 miles on them.
110 amp modern alternator (installed at 5k miles)
Gullwing Design digital automatic transmission controller.
Constant on with AC radiator fan update.
AC original, working, and charged with "Freeze-12" R12 substitute readily available and colder than R134.
Exterior illumination now switched through relay instead of headlight switch.
Main HVAC control panel illumination changed to LED lighting to reduce heat and warping of the panel
Special T Fan relay "2X2" (rebuilt with Bosch relays)
Updated tail light circuit boards
Two sets of factory original door and ignition keys.
RARE "LockZilla" wireless door lock control module with two working keyless fobs.
Stainless steel coolant header bottle.
Auto bleeding thermostat housing.
207 degree F otterstat oriented facing down at 5k miles
New control pressure regulator (warm up regulator) at 5k miles
All new coolant hoses including junctions underneath at 8k miles
new Fuel accumulator at 8k miles
new Fuel filter less at 8k miles
new Delorean Houston fuel sender installed at 5k miles.
modernized fuel tank baffle at 5k miles
new bosch fuel pump at 5k miles
upgraded exterior door handles cast aluminum.
new/recent hood, door, and louver gas struts.
new air filter, spark plugs, cap, rotor all installed at 5k miles.
Engine idles correctly with no hunting and passes SMOG with no issues whatsoever. Current SMOG was done on 4-10-2014.
Interior is nearly all factory original. Door headliners have been replaced but the rest of the headliners are original. Dash and the rest of the sewn leather interior in excellent shape. Leather seat upholstery is still original. Center console was replaced by previous owner due to vandalism and is a slightly lighter shade of gray.

Cracked windshield. Inner layer crack almost a straight line from the mirror to the dash. Not really noticable while driving. New windshield available from DMC Houston for $450 plus shipping. Part #:110076 Any glass shop dealing with imports will know how to install. There is a shop familiar with DeLoreans in Santa Clara.

Binnacle just showing beginnings of sun crack damage. Possibly repairable without recovering the binnacle or just put a dash mat on it. Recovering is also an option.

Trip odometer reset shaft broken off. Trip can be reset with a paper clip kept in the ash tray. Including new durable metal replacement shaft with sale.

turn signal stalk horn button bad. aftermarket push button attached to the bottom of the steering wheel fascia.

Very slight oil pan leak.

Passenger side rear axle shaft CV boot torn. Including new boot kit with sale

Alternator turn on RPM high by design. Need to be mindful of when driving.

Front brake rotors have slight warp can feel in steering wheel when braking hard.

Parts and literature included:
Car Cover, oil filters, extra door struts, front license plate mount (though the special T mount is better because you don't have to bore holes in the front bumper), upper and side door seals, extra vacuum lines, OEM plastic header bottle, OEM transmission controller circuit boards, OEM Girling shocks, OEM door lock module, all the OEM relays including the fan fail relay.

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