Offered for sale on dmctalk 5/2015.

"Overall car is in great shape and can be driven anywhere. Recent work includes, new PJ Grday steering rack. New 3 core radiator. New DMC "Improved style" fuel pump, new Lambda ECU, recently repacked axle bearings and installed new boots. Other recent work includes, complete brake system rebuild, clutch hydraulics, water pump, tune up, A/C service, all done within the last 10K miles. 90% of all work performed on this car was done by PJ Grady. If anyone seriously interested would like to contact him He may have more detailed records then I do.

Paint on top of both fascias is fading a little. Dash has two cracks in it and has a dash mat over it. Power door lock module died a few years ago and was never replaced.

Car will come with some spare parts. Extra high output alternator (currently has stock 90 amp Motorola and it's never been a problem). 2 extra fan motors and a slightly damaged extra fan shroud. Parts and service manuals. Myabe an XL DMC jacket and sweatshirt if I can find them.

Overall car is in excellent shape. Mechanically sound and cosmetically good. I wouldn't hesitate to drive this car anywhere. I regret I may never have the chance to do so again. They say emotional attachment dosen't dictate price. This car and I have a very long history toether so my emotional attachemnet is asking $26,500. If you want to offer me less don't waste the phone call.

Contact: moc.loa|zaipsirhc#moc.loa|zaipsirhc"

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