Ebay, summer of 2013. Cairo, NY. Another Time Machine victim. 37K miles.

Delorean Time Machine that is approximately 75-80% Complete…car needs to be completed and is NOT a 100 % movie accurate replica. Mechanically, I have pulled the motor and Trans, replaced all seals, gaskets, injectors, clutch, axels, bearings, shocks, springs, custom Stainless Exhaust……list goes on. Car currently has 37k and As far as the Time Machine Props, it has working Fog Machines, led Lights that are powered by 2-12v batteries and a 3000 watt inverter. I have taken some liberties with the replica while being very close in resemblence it is not a 100% accurate movie reproduction, if you would like a 100% replica…..you can get one and spend upwards of $60,000 from Video Bob in Texas or Bruce Columbe in Florida…, either way it is scary the amount of attention it gets whether on the highway or at a gas station, car show….basicly anywhere it goes! If you are looking for attention at every car show, then this is it. Again it is not finished and is not perfect….it does have its flaws and if you are not mechanically inclined, then this is NOT the car for you . From the assembly line the delorean was unreliable and had its 'bugs' now almost 33 years later…you get the picture …….if the ad is still up, its still available, Make your best offer!!!
I am open to some trades plus cash… Basicly Id need 10 K plus your ride……im interested in rat rods ( no Junk Rods ), older Porsche, Lotus Esprit, 3rd Gen Camaro, Grand National, ETC..

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Ive decided to make a list to hopefully answer everyones questions….

The Good.
3 years ago the motor and trans were pulled and a list of new parts were installed….
New waterpump, Alternator, Starter, rear wiring harness, All new relays, coldstart switch, otterstat switch, Injectors, ( have a set of stainless lines to go with the car ), all new O ring gaskets, Seals, Custom one off stainless exhaust that fits properly!! and sounds awesome!, Lowered springs, custom one off stainless wheel caps, New wheel bearings front and rear, new axels, rebuilt calipers, new pads, chassis re epoxied where cracks were present, clutch, throwout bearing, Fuel pump, and im sure im forgetting something…..oh yeah all engine and trans parts were bead blasted and repainted black and red.

The Bad.
No AC compressor, Windows work but need switches, crack in the dash, needs new hood cable and throttle cable, slight crease in the stainless ( Barely noticable on top of drivers door ), 'X' is visible on hood depending on what angle you view it at and slight 'eyebrows' visible on front bumper, windshield has staining on it?,

All parts have been 'glued on' to the stainless via Black RTV Silicone and can be removed if necessary, and I do have three sets of LED time time displays ready to go with the car ( static only ), and for the right deal I will include all extra parts I have for the car…alternators, starters, 3- 4 sets of lowered springs and misc stuff…

Ill post more as I remember…

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