Offered for sale on Talk Summer 2013.

As seen on Ebay…

New DMC door struts
Replaced both drive and ac belts
Removed intake and cleaned valley and replaced all gaskets, hoses and clamps with new parts.
Replaced the missing vent on the rear louver
Replaced Otterstat
Flushed and filled radiator/system

Here's what I've been told the previous owner did: (He had the car for a total of 1,000 miles as the second owner)
Updated coolant system with stainless tank and bleeder valves
New tires
Had heads resurfaced and reinstalled
New clutch pressure plate
He said he had the lower end of the motor gone through as well, but I don't have a way to confirm as he didn't have receipts. His mechanic told me the motor was taken out and shipped off before he reinstalled it, so I can only assume the story to be true. Regardless, I know the heads were done and the motor runs great.

Here's what it needs:
DMC logo for grille
Mesh missing below the fascia, I never noticed it until today
Has aftermarket antenna

Dash is cracked, the binnacle however is in good shape with no cracks ($300)
All gauges work, even the clock
Drivers seat is torn behind left shoulder ($600)
Rear defrost switch is bad ($39)
radio does not power on (aftermarket)
Heat does not blow hot (the blower motor blows air, I also noticed some hoses not connected under the dash, but I haven't tackled this one)
Driver door arm rest although there, is mounted poorly with screws, also needs the pull strap. I believe I saw on under the hood.
Passenger door courtesy light contact switch is bad.
Steering column sits low, upon looking under the dash, the firewall bushing is good, the wobble comes from behind the knuckle where a rubber grommet connects the shaft
Shifter boot is cracked and peeling ($8

engine cover prop bracket is missing, the slide is there, but no bracket (presently has a hook on the bottom of the louver that holds the cover up.
I replaced the otterstat, but when the temp hit 220 I turned the car off. Some say the gauge might be slightly off, I didn't want to test my luck so the otterstat is presently bypassed.
engine compartment light doesn't function

I think I've done a pretty good job explaining everything that I know to be issues with the car. I have a source that can ship the car to Chicago for $250. So if someone wanted me to ship it there so a windshield can be installed by DMC Midwest, then have the car picked up from there, it would probably save on shipping costs from MN as Chicago is on the main route.

Before that, offered for sale April of 2013

I purchased this car on a whim and found out that although it's always been a dream to own one, it's better to consult the better half and get permission than to hear weeks of bickering about how one can afford such a car but can't afford simple things for the kids..whoops.

So here goes, everything I know, working on getting the receipts to back up what I've been told.

This car as purchased new in Anchorage Alaska in 1981, it spent a short stint there and was then hauled to San Diego in 1983 where it would it's permanent outdoor home for the next 20+ years.

In 2008 the original owner passed away and his nephew purchased the car and had it hauled to Arizona. His first trip out (mind you, the car hadn't been driven in 5 years) was left with him stranded with a blown head gasket. Money being no object for this guy, he shipped the car to MN where he had his Chevy dealership use Delorean parts from DMC and rebuilt the motor from the ground up. (working on receipts) He then took the car back to Arizona where not even 200 miles on the motor the intake started to leak through a little pinhole, the leak made it's way to built up oil and caught the muffler on fire. The car remained running the whole time and the fire was put out immediately, some electrical tape took a beating as did the rear left side vent on the louver. Everything else was in tact so the owner then shipped the car back to MN where they fixed the leak on the intake.

Recently he purchased a 1972 Olds Cutlass convertible with the 442 w130 package (the Judge, only 2 made) and decided it wasn't worth sending the car back down to Arizona where it would just sit in storage. (oh to have too many cool cars huh?)

As far as the car goes: 1981, 5 spd, gray leather, no gas flap, 21k original miles, drivers seat has a tear in it behind where your left shoulder rests, the dash is cracked and faded from the sun and has a carpeted pad over it. The seats themselves are dingy fro being old as is the carpet. (A set of new seat covers is $599 from DMC) The shift boot for the 5 speed is loose and the steering column itself feels as if it is low and wobbles around in the bushing. (feels like a tilt steering in low position, probably needs a new bushing)

The weather stripping is cracked and faded and the windshield also is cracked from the rear view mirror snapping off. ($450 for the windshield, $260 for a weather strip kit)

Both door struts are weak, they can lift the door up, but not hold it at the 90 degree angle. The aftermarket radio also does not come on, it does come with a replacement radio that's in the trunk. Both power windows function correctly as does the blower motor for the heat. Brake light flickers on and off from the E-Brake lever not going down completely and the drivers door light also stays on from a bad sensor I believe.

The car runs amazing and I was told the clutch was recently rebuilt along with the motor. The tires have like new tread on them and other than a few minor scratches and one pea sized ding on the driver fender, the body is near perfect. (front fascia has a little sun warpage if you really want to get picky, can only be noticed when sitting in the car. The left side vent to the rear of the louvers is missing and the left strut on the engine cover is not as strong as the right so it opens slowly favoring one side. The "DMC" on the front grille is also missing.

Everything I've mentioned would be easily less than $2,000 in parts to redo and have a $25k car, I however need to sell and get my investment back before I find all of my belonging in the front yard.

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