Black/Auto. Side stripe. Gas flap and fender antenna.

12/2014, 9876 miles on odo. Nashville TN Antique plates.

Seller writes 12/2014:

My uncle recently passed (Thanksgiving) and I'm assisting my Aunt in clearing her driveway…The car does start but the brakes are ceased from sitting so long. Everything appears to be in good condition except for the headliner, which we have a brand new in the box that he never got around to installing. Rumor has that there may be a vacuum issue with the engine…don't know for sure. Again…we know nothing about this car. He's had it for at least 15 years and its basically sat under a carport with a car cover. He just simply never got around to getting to it. I need to sell this, but have NO idea where to start or what to ask for it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Michael on dmctoday added, "Still no frame pics, but looks to be a very nice and original car. Fascias are straight, leather looks mint, engine compatment looks nice and clean and 100% stock which is a positive and a negative depending on who is buying. If that car were 100% running and the frame looked good I would be asking about 32 to 35k."

8/29/2016: On ebay. Now 10,124 miles. Fort Lauderdale. Cosmetically nice. BIN of $27,000.

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