Confirmed formerly owned by Bobby Allison. Now called "Sparky the AutoCarb" by its current owner, a professional radio and voice talent. Got its nickname after an electrical fire in which its distributor cap self destructed and threw melted pieces all over the engine bay. Car was repaired. (Summer 2013.)

History of 2613

11/2014: Owner Farrar Hudkins supplied the following documents. From them, we can deduce that Bobby Allison acquired the car on 8/27/87, with the title issued on 2/1/1989.


His ownership was relatively short, and he assigned the title to the Allison-Family owned Charlotte Motor Speedway on 3/10/1992.


The car was held for less than two months and sold to Michael J. Moffit of Woodstock, GA on 5/1/1992.


On 11/19/2007, Mark Cannon of Georgia sold the car to Farrar Hudkins.

Thanks to owner Farrar Hudkins for the above images.

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