Rear half of this car burned off and was sold on ebay 7/2016 for $7,501 with a charred rear end, non-stock engine.

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8/2016 past and now current owner Darryl T. explains:

"Okay, guys - I'm the one who bought that burned-up car. Some of you may remember me - Darryl, the guy who operated Specialty Automotive DeLorean Parts in WA from 1986-2004. In 1990 I found that car in PA with 12,000 miles and no engine. I paid $4,000 for it and had it shipped cross country. Being a life-long hotrodder, I saw my chance to show what a DeLorean could have been performance-wise. Rather than drop in a V8, which would have required modification to the frame, I built and installed a Chevy 4.3 V6 complete with a very rare (for a 4.3) B&M supercharger. I made my own trans adapter, motor mounts, headers, mirror stainless engine bay surround, etc. It was a 5 year project that resulted in a 300HP powerhouse. The car, known as BLWNAWY, was the centerpiece for my business and very well known in the NW. However, by 2004 I was growing tired of the competition in the parts business, and wanted to return to my hotrodder roots. The business was sold to Toby Peterson and is now known as DeLorean Parts NW. A year later, with a brand new steel '32 Ford roadster project underway, I reluctantly sold BLWNAWY to a guy in Texas. As the years passed other projects came and went, but the car I really regretted selling was BLWNAWY. I even made attempts to find it, and was told by one expert that it was now in Europe. Imagine my surprise when a few weeks later I was looking at the daily bringatrailer.com listings and there it was, with a link to the ebay ad. It found me - so what was I supposed to do? I set my maximum bid at $7500, then added one dollar to make it not a round number. And now it is safely back in my shop, most of the needed parts have been found thanks to Toby, and the damage is not nearly as bad as it appeared. For a little over $10k in parts and my own labor I will once again have one of the fastest, most unique DeLoreans ever built. It will definitely live again, and as before will easily outrun all the stockers, and with proven GM reliability. Oh, and in the last 11 years, only 1266 miles were added to it. And contrary to the ad, it NEVER had a salvage title, and STILL DOESN'T."


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