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For sale on DMCTALK Summer 2013.

This is VIN 2510 with only 2,100 miles. No I didn't forget a digit there! it's an earlier build (July 1981) with a rare gas flap hood, nearly immaculate frame and black leather interior.

This car has been FULLY restored. Virtually every component has been replaced or reconditioned with excruciating detail. All parts for the car were sourced from reputable DeLorean vendors, such as DeLorean Motor Company Northwest, DeLorean Performance Industries, DeLorean Parts Northwest and Heninger & Associates DeLorean Upgrade Parts.

The car is restored with over $15,000 in NOS and upgrade components that ensures this particular DeLorean will look gorgeous, concourse in appearance while running better and more reliably than new. Every receipt is accounted for. A final engine tuning was complete by John and Toby at DeLorean Motor Company in May 2013. There is well over 1000 hours in this rebuild.

Here is the history of the car:

In the early 80's, this car suffered an engine failure (for whatever reason) that of course no dealership would touch. With no support network available to repair the car, the owner let the car sit. After "Back To The Future" came out, he threw some crude props on the car and towed it around as a promotional tool for his business. Later, he began parting it out. It changed hands a few times over the next few decades until fairly recently when the internet's massive DeLorean support network (as it exists today) allowed a new owner to begin breathing life back into it. He took it under his wing, replaced parts that had long since been absent and rebuilt the engine, with DMC Northwest reviewing the work upon completion. I bought it from him in July of 2012 and invested the remaining $15,000 in parts and labour to get VIN 2510 back where it is today; better than new.

I've attached a LONG list of the work completed and the parts repaired or replaced on this DeLorean. It's the 2nd DeLorean I've restored and the 3rd DeLorean overall I've done major work on.

Restoration pictures: http://imgur.com/a/qwpaq/embed#0

The pictures here (in the ad) are to give you an idea. I'll be doing a professional shoot with car in July.

Located in Vancouver, BC.

PM me with questions.


- All original in appearance
- RUST FREE frame
- perfect black interior
- pristine ORIGINAL binnacle
- pristine ORIGINAL dash
- perfect OEM leather seat covers
- new interior carpets
- new headliners
- new leather shift boot
- All interior lights replaced
- new courtesy lamp assemblies with 16 - diode LEDs
- fascias and trim freshly PROFESSIONALLY repainted
- gas flap hood
- minor dents removed
- rims powder coated
- complete interior restoration - right down to the fuse box and ECU areas (fuse tray and Lambda trays bead blasted and repainted)
- new RH knee pad
- brand new Cooper Cobra Radial GT's in ORIGINAL sizes (235/60R/15, 195/60R/14)
- 4 brand new centre caps

- 2,100 miles (engine blown in early 80's, left as a parts car)
- engine rebuilt and checked by Toby & John and DMCNW
- engine powder coating

- DPI springs & spax suspension package
- all suspension brackets painted (sway bar, front hubs, dust shields etc)
- Toby's (DPNW) poly bushing sway bar kit
- Byrne's LCA's with superior ball joints

- complete trunk and engine bay recondition and paint
- frame touch ups and reconditioned from brake fluid leak
- fuel tank closing plate repaired/welded to look maintain stock appearance
- axles painted
- fuel tank removed, cleaned out
- new fuel filter
- original fuel tank baffle in excellent shape
- spring put in fuel pick up hose to prevent collapsing
- DMCH updated fuel sender
- new oil filter
- braided stainless steel K-jet lines
- new copper cashers

- original Craig radio 100% functional with hidden iPod/aux input
- new front and rear speakers

- A/C converted to 134a and recharged at DMCNW in May 2013 (yes THIS may)

- cooling system completely updated / new hoses & clamps
- new radiator
- Toby's (DPNW) radiator fans

- new interstate battery
- battery disconnect
- new A1 window regulators (both sides)
- Toby's (DPNW) door lock upgrade with linear actuators

- original jack present
- original spare present and holds air
- trunk carpet with board

- new brake soft lines
- new rear brake rotors and pads as well as a hard line
- all brakes have new seal kits from DMC
- new pistons and pads on front brakes (all 8 brake pistons replaced)
- Brake system flushed and serviced
- reconditioned brake servo
- new brake master cylinder
- new clutch master and slave cylinder
- stainless steel clutch line

- new steering column bushing
- new horns
- new A/C and alternator belts
- new DMC 140 amp alternator
- new starter
- roof box carriage bolt fix for preventative measures while T-pannel was off
- NOS label set
- cold air intake
- new RH trim panel/arm rest
- new engine cover grille retention strips
- all new door struts (6)
- all new weather stripping (incl. trunk and louvre)
- new rear right tail lamp assembly
- new muffler heat shield
- Stainless steel rear fascia letters
- DMC relay update kit (best one available)
- CPR/WUR replaced
- new cargo net
- OEM muffler ceramic coated
- new LH door switch
- new HVAC ducting
- dead pedal kit
- new pedal rubber
- new trip reset
- angle drive kit
- new trunk bump stops
- new distributor cap
- new rotor
- new headlamp gap finishers
- powder coat all head lamp buckets and brackets
- countless washers, rivets, nuts and bolts
- DPI stainless lower door strut brackets
- new blanking caps
- new tie rod ends
- new DPI steering rack boots
- new camshaft seal
- new temperature gauge
- Dave's (Bitsyncmaster) RPM relay update
- Rebuilt OEM clock
- new front wheel bearing
- Tobys Stainless DOT Approved Brake Lines
- New Clutch
- New Clutch master Cylinder/Slave Cylinder
- Engine Rebuilt including replacing all Valves and full rebuild on the Heads
- New Stainless Coolant Bottle
- New Speakers
- New Ac Compressor
- New Tail Light Boards
- New Front and Rear side Marker Lights
- New front Signal Lights
- New LED Door Lights
- New Throttle Cable
- New Hood Latch and Cable
- New Seal Kit for the Doors
- New Fuel Pump and all related fuel tank items

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