Ebay 8/28/2016. Williamsport, PA. Grey Manual.

This vehicle has been frame off restored by DeLorean Performance Industries. It features a SPEC 2 engine upgrade (upgraded camshafts, full SPEC 1 header exhaust, complete engine rebuild.) Upgraded Suspension (Eibach suspension) which really gives this car the stance it should have had from the factory (look up 5 MPH bumber regulations to understand why). It comes with an upgraded sound system (JVC El Kameleon head unit, the same one used for a time by that company in Texas, and Memphis Audio speakers in the stock locations), custom black interior (factory carpet was replaced with black carpeting, otherwise the rest is stock, and does not detract from the car at all). This car is clean and ready for you to take ownership. Heck, I'll even throw in a full tank of gas for you. Don't waste your money trying to buy a "new" DeLorean from some company in Texas. Here's your chance to own an original, restored DeLorean for a fraction of what they are charging. Additional photos available upon request. Included is a copy of the original window sticker, and paperwork detailing the original purchase of the vehicle.

Items of note on the car.
1.) There is some small damage to the drivers side door gasket. It is repairable by filing down the fiberglass underneath and installing a new gasket. There are no leaks both engine wise and door wise.
2.) As far as the odometer is concerned, it has never been tampered with, it got stuck at one point as they are driven off the left front tire, and the system used is known to fail and act up at times. It really does have 17,429 miles on it, and I have only put on around 3800 miles since taking ownership.
3.) All the electrics work, as well as they can for 35 year old British electronics, which is to say that they work, but you always know that they will surprise you at any moment, luckily, I've never had any issues in my time with the car.
4.) While you could drive it home, I would strongly suggest trailering it, or hiring someone to haul it to your location. This is a combination of 2 things, 1, the exhaust is LOUD, and while not too loud, it can be a bit much while droning along the highway , and anything after 2 hours of driving gets a bit taxing on your ears without a break. It's really obnoxious, but it does sound much better than stock. Also, it is a 35 year old car that was built in Northern Ireland, and while restored, it has been sitting in a garage for the last year or so, Caveat emptor. You do so at your own risk.

Otherwise this is a good car, and you are looking at a steal on the price for what it is. While I have owned it, it saw mainly highway miles, limited city miles, and it has been garage kept when not in use, it was driven regularly for 2 summers, and was never out on salted winter roads. I hate to see it go, but the wife says it must go, and as we all know, when it comes to he says, she says, she wins.

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Car is sold AS-IS. There is no Warranty, nor is one implied.

Buyer is responsible for any and all shipping charges, arrangement of shipping, tax and title transfer fees. $500 Deposit required within 24 hours by winning bidder, or immediately if you Buy It Now. Buyer has 7 days to make full payment, and arrangements for pickup and/or shipping. Payment shall be in the form of Cashier's Check or Cash (in-person). Vehicle is for sale to US and Canadian Buyers only.

BIN of $26,788

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