9/18/2014: Certainly a dead VIN based on the pictures. Seller wanted to sell entire car instead of parts. Had some materials/books that went with it at http://s1344.photobucket.com/user/Chuber2UMBC/library/DeLorean#/user/Chuber2UMBC/library/DeLorean?sort=3&page=1&_suid=1411052846212005518587348904597

Talk description:

For sale is a wrecked 1981 DeLorean. VIN 1775.

The car is badly wrecked, but does have some good parts. I have removed the engine from the car, as well as partially disassembled it. Some of the body panels and interior is also removed from the car. None of the suspension has been removed
The transmission, speedometer and steering wheel have been sold to other members, so that is not with the car. I do have some other parts as well, like a second steering rack and spare wheel

There is an album with photos of some of the parts, if you are interested I can provide more pictures

Prices I was considering were (OBO):
Everything I have, excluding the books and magazines - $6000
Everything above, except the rear bumper/taillights - $4800
Everything above, excluding the engine and other spare parts - $4000 (includes body panels and louvers)
Rolling Chassis as it sits, with dark gray wheels - $3500
Car as it sits, if you bring your own wheels - $3000

I will not remove the VIN from the car, as some others have asked

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