9/2016: Sept. 82 build. Smooth hood. Grey manual. Canadian Spec car bought by "Duom" of the talk bbs.

"…behind a house under a old cover under a tree.It's in very good original shape.My major problem,the title.The car is registered to the name of the first owner.The car ben given to the family I bought it off…..Registered owner can't be found,so I can't do anything with the car. I try my change,if maybe someone here avec a badly not repairable car with the VIN plate that could sell it….only the 2 serial number plate. A US serial # will not be in the Quebec Archive so I will be able to get a new title for it and finally do something with this car.Without this the car will probably sit for years like for the previous owner."

He added

"The car been given to the family…I bought the car from as a gift,they didn't do the property transfert and now the original owner ( and registered) ignore all contact.There is no other way to get the title since the car is in his name in the registry.In Quebec is VERY it's very hard to get a title….The registered owner isn't dead,it's buisness man in Montreal…. I called many time to his office and never called me back…. same story for the familly that sold me the car,they tried too…The car been given to this family by the original owner as a gift.The family tried to do the transfert to her name but they wait and the ''bill'' was expired…..and never do anything with that before by lack of interrest….until 2 week before a bought it.Price was 10000 with title,I paid 6300 [Note, this is Canadian money. Canadough, as it were — ed.] …without title.I will try and retry to contact the registered owner this week…. "

User 17076 commented:

"If the VIN is indeed 17062 it is a lost "Canadian Spec" Car.. a series of only 88 made for the Canadian Market of which only 32 Survivors have been found world-wide. This car would be Number 33. We here at Official DeLorean Owners Canada would be very interested in what happens with this car."

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