Information gleaned from dmctalk on 9/26/2017:
My grandfather recently left me his '81 Delorean. He's owned it since it's original purchase in that year. Since the late 80's/early 90's it's been in his garage, until we pulled it out last year and began restoring it. He had some work done on it when he originally purchased it, including a custom lowered suspension and turbo charger. He says the work was done in New York, but I don't know much other than that (maybe you guys have some ideas).

As he's getting older in his years, he's trying to depart with some belongings. I've always loved the car, but I'm not really in the position to be able to pay a significant amount to have it in storage; I recently graduated college and have a negative net worth. That being the case, I'm leaning towards selling it, and I wonder what would be the best way to go about it. Also, what information is going to be asked of me? Everything I have is below.

Year: 1981

Transmission: Automatic
Milage: ~20K (I have to get the exact #)
Notes: Great condition, original leather
Custom Work:
Original work
o Custom Suspension Lower
o Custom Dual Turbocharge
o Security System
o Brake Pad Conversion for Anti-Lock
o 90 Amp Alternator
o Authentic sheep skin seat covers, manual, hat/jacket
Restoration work
o All struts replaced
o Fuel sensor replaced
o New battery
o Tires restored (low mileage)

The interior is in great condition, and it runs smoothly. The only issue it has is turning over on very damp days. The brakes are a bit soft, but I'm looking into that now.

[Observations: frame painted black. Dark rims. No antenna hole on R fender. NH 10-28 386-6933.]

Updated info:

I ended up bringing the car to a local mechanic I knew. He did a lot of great work on the car to get it in running shape, and I've been driving it for the last year. The only issue I have had is the the linkage from the angle drive to the speedometer breaking during one of my trips. I ordered a new one from DMC Shop and swapped it (works fine now). It's been a blast driving it, but I am still looking to sell it either this fall or next spring.

Other than a couple issues I mentioned below, the car is in great condition. It's been in a garage since purchased. Interior leather is nearly flawless. Starts up just fine. The engine hunts a bit (breathes) when it idles cold, but it settles out. I'm still waiting on a few more cosmetic parts. Chassis only has cosmetic rust, which I have treated with POR15. I will clean her up and take some better photos before I list it. Anything else I should include/fix/research?

Details on the car:
16,000 miles

Black Interior
3-speed automatic
Car has been in my family since purchase in '81

Performance Modifications:
Twin-Island Turbo System + turbo gauge installed in the 80s
90A alternator
160mph speedo
There is a security system that was partially installed in the 80s, but never finished.

Sheep-skin seat covers
Custom car cover
3 Copies of the owners manual and quite a bit of additional documentation

Restoration Work (2016/2017):
Replaced Fuel Pump Assembly
Replaced Fuel System Accumulator & distributor
Kumo SOLUSKR21 tires
New Battery
Serviced All Breaks

To Do:
Install Fuse Box Cover (still waiting on this part to come in)
Reupholster driver's side arm-rest (picture below)

Known Issues:
Driver's side window does not always close correctly - sometimes needs to be nudged into the track
A/C needs to be charged and restored - not sure of the cost/benefit of getting this done and whether I should do it myself or bring it to a shop.
Very minor transmission fluid leak - I have been keeping an eye on it. Few drops over the course of a month. Haven't detect a noticeable drop in transmission fluid level in the last year. Still annoying :/

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