Project list is getting longer……
OK, I know, I've always been told to finish what you started before jumping into something else, but I can't resist a good deal so I ended up picking up VIN 1470 this past week. For those of you who read the DMCTalk forums religiously you probably already know this, but for the rest that don't — project #2 is now on the way. I am working on getting shipping quotes for it at the moment, so it probably won't arrive for a few weeks.

In the mean time I've been tearing apart the motor on 5063 because the water pump leak is leaking. I have the whole top of the engine off, and managed to only break one bolt. I started cleaning the "Valley of Death" as many refer to it, and am hoping to find some time to remove the water pump tomorrow. While I am doing this I am also replacing all of the coolant hoses on the car… every last section. I only want to bleed this system out once! I'll be posting some pictures of the VOD for all to enjoy, as it seems to be a favorite with folks. Mine was full of random bits of junk, some large nuts a squirrel stashed away, dirt, leaves, etc.

In other news I am considering coming down for the Delorean Car Show in Lexington next week. Originally we had planned to take the week off and spend the whole time at our lake cabin, but I'd really like to make the show considering I've missed every other one. Something always seems to come up that keeps me from being able to attend. We're not fully commited yet, but will be making the decision soon.


The front grill for VIN 1470 was missing and I also managed to pick up a used one in nice condition. Once the car arrives I will be able to put it on. Yes, I'm still waiting for it to arrive. The company I normally used seems to be out of business so I had to look for another company to move the car, which is tricky in the auto transport industry, which isn't known for it stellar reputation. I hope it arrives in one piece!


VIN 1470 finally arrives!
The car is finally here, after taking much longer than anticipated to get picked up. I did an initial assessment on the car, and the guy who was selling this car WAY undersold it. The seller said the interior was terrible, it is definitely not terrible. The seat skins will need to be replaced due to the fact that they are cracking, but I've seen much worse in other cars in use! The carpets look like new, with the exception of the carpet in the compartment behind the drivers side seat where a mouse made a nice nest. The binnacle is compeltely intact, and there is only one small crack in the dash near the glove box. The headliners are drooping and will need replacing, but other that than, the interior is in amazing shape!

The exterior is going to need a little TLC, but overall its not as bad as the seller made that out to be either. The drivers side rear quarter is a total loss and will need to be replaced. Other than that there are a couple of small dings along the wheel well on the passengers side rear quarter and some damage on the drivers side front quarter panel towards the top near ther fascia. All with the exception of the drivers side rear quarter panel, everything else should be easily repairable — I'll send the car down to DMC Midwest for that work. I already have a line on a nice used rear quarter panel, so I should have that squared away and installed soon.

Mechanically this car looks near mint, when I popped the engine cover I was pleasantly surprised, everything was complete and looked almost like new. Due to the fact that the car has been sitting since 1984 I figured the fuel system would need work, and it will. However I was shocked to find a box of brand new parts from DMC Houston in the passengers side seat that contained almost everything I will need: A fuel pump, a fuel pump boot, fuel pump support bracket, new fuel lines, all the necessary hose clamps and a new accumulator! The only thing that seems to be missing that I will have to order is the metal fuel return line and a fuel tank sending unit. I seriously may only need to order less than $200 in additional parts to get the car started!

It looks like someone started to do the work on the fuel system because the old pump was already pulled out and the tank was cleaned. It will need to be cleaned up a bit more due some additional junk, including a dead mouse, getting in there since the project was abandon. It also looks like the fuel distributor is new and was replaced and that the plugs and wires may have also been replaced!

I'll be curious to see the condition of the hydraulics, but so far this car is turning out to be the bargain of the century, and I should easly come in under the $25K rule.

So on Monday I'll be ordering a strut kit for the doors, trunk, etc, the metal fuel return line, and and the fuel tank sending unit to get started. My other project will be on hold for a little bit because I'd really like to get the car running quickly if possible so I can at least move it around a bit more easily.

TUESDAY, JUNE 17, 2014

The Restoration is not DEAD!
OK, it is has been a long time since this blog was updated, but a lot has happened in the interim. VIN 1470 is now is Texas, I sold it to a friend who is doing the restoration. The reason I sold it was due to a job change for my wife which has us moving out of the state. Two cars just couldn't make the move, so I decided to sell 1470 …

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