Among the final batch of RHD cars. All had a black interior and manual transmission, with one exception, having the VIN numbers: 12171–12181 & 12199 and registration numbers "SIJ". The only black-interior automatic, VIN 12175, is owned by the Editor of a UK De Lorean owners' club. There were two further manual cars—with grey interior—which were custom made for VIPs in the UK; these had the VINs 11382 and 16242.

In DeloreanWorld magazine, Vol. 17, No. 3, Summer 2000. Among 10 bought at Receiver's Auction. Purchased by Michael Taylor on 2/6/1983. Was outfitted at Wooler-Hoodec. Bought by the Hooper Family 6/28/1997.

See p. 364 of Delorean: Celebrating the Impossible. 2015 location is south east England.

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