Well this is a hell of a story. Best read here:


In a nutshell, 11777 was a january 82 black automatic car in the middle east. It was bought second hand off a Dubai lot and taken to the UK. That owner had a roll over accident in the south of France. The car was written off.

Years later, 11777 turns up, and the owner is convinced he has a Middle East Delorean. Except, the details don't match up. Different color interior, early car features… how can this be explained?

The eurotec guys did some investigating. In the early days of DMC, a Delorean had been built with no VIN for promotional purposes. In transport, the carrier driver had to make a quick stop, which resulted in minor front end damage. No longer able to use it for promotion, the company held the car until they were paid, which, of course, never happened.

You can guess what happened: The vin plates of 11777 wound up on that eary promotional car, and the car was sold (and resold).

Mystery solved.

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