Gray Manual. Pictures show a tastefully modified interior and car in overall excellent shape. From DeloreanFanatics, 8/2016:

"…I bought my 1982 DeLorean back in 2004 from Malibu California. In the 12 years of ownership I dealt with a bad marriage, bad economy which lead to being broke, job jumping and overall being to nice to others that didnt help you. In 2004 she had a mere 30,752 miles. Today she sits at 36,696.Just recently she got back on the road after her last time on the highway from 2009 till I took her off to do a full frame on custom redo/restoration. I paid $11,500 for a non runner, left for dead abandoned car that sat since the early 1990's. 12 years and a additional $24,615.43 (added up every reciept) and still counting, I still have her and in 10 times better shape and exactly how I wanted her to be and perform. I have had alot of help from other owners and vendors and I couldn't be more happier spending the money did to have the car just the way it used to be but better. No one but me wrenched on this car as I wanted to return her life by my own hands. Still got more to finish but now i can really start Living the Dream and it is still hard to believe that I even own a car like this and the fact that I did all the work on it myself really amazes me! … Alot has changed in 12 years. Vin 11035 will remain in my family forever as im the 4th owner."

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