'82 Grey manual.

Offered for sale on talk for $23K. Seller represented:

VOD tear down
Spark plugs & Bosch wires
Intake gaskets
Silicone vacuum hoses
Impulse coil
Distributor cap & Rotor
Oil and Filter change
Oil pressure sender unit
Air/fuel mixture rebuilt
Coolant with flush
K&N airfilter
Cold air intake
Idle bearings
Both V-belts
Exhaust gaskets w/studs
Coolant bleeder hose kit
PO radiator and hose kit
SS throttle shield
A/C vacuum & recharge R-12

Fuel System:
Fuel pump
Pump boot
SS fuel pump bracket
Pick-up hose
In tank filter
Tank cleaned completely
Main fuel filter
Injectors cleaned
Copper crush washers
Distributor O-ring
Gas filler tube remand
Rebuilt original gas cap

Frame & Suspension:
Brake calipers rebuilt
SS brake lines
Brake master cylinder
Ceramic pads F and R
Parking pads
DOT 4 racing blue fluid
POR-15 frame rust
Trailing arm bolts
Front Falken Ziex 912 tires
Steering column bushing
Engine cover latch spring
Driver’s side ft. wheel bearing
Angle drive & lower cable

Pressure plate
Throw out bearing
Throw out fork
Rear main seal
Pilot bearing
SS clutch line
Slave cylinder
Axel boots
Shift pivot bolt
Axel shaft seals
DOT 4 racing blue fluid

Cooling fan module
Otterstat 92/87
Window regulators
Alpine radio – Bluetooth
Infintiy ft. speakers
Memphis Audio rr. Speakers
Headlight switch relay
Window switches
LED cluster upgrade
LED exterior lighting
LED interior lighting
Silverstar headlights
Engine compartment lamp
Cigarette lighter w/ring

Fascias repainted
SS “Delorean” letters
Hand grained exterior
Repainted black pieces
Repainted louvre
STA door and louvre struts
Repaint trunk area
Original 1982 sticker kit
Used T-panel
Used upper screen finisher
Side marker gaskets w/screws
Engine cover hinges
Wiper blades

Dash re-dye
Recovered binnacle
Shift boot
Reverse pin in shifter
DMCH seat covers
Carpets removed and cleaned
DMCH floormats
Alcantara style headliners
Dummy switches

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