The first Louie Golden Delorean.


Louie #1 - This is myself and #10115 the day I brought her home (it has gone through much cleaning since then). It is a December '81 build with gray interior, 5-speed, and a few extra goodies like a digital dash and cruise control by Dakota Digital, CD/MP3 player by Sony, and perhaps my least fav feature… air horns, LOL. I wanna send out a special thanks to my parents for finally caving in, haha! You guys are the best :-) -Louie Golden

His 12/8/2003 update:
Another one bites the dust. This is what happens when a drunk piloting an '81 Cadillac collides with a DeLorean while traveling at high velocities. The car was impacted so hard that BOTH doors were jammed shut. The extent of the cars damage is far more severe than pictures show. Despite this, the rear fascia (which I borrowed from Bill Robertson the day before when we replaced the water pump!) was found completely intact, albeit some 50 feet away from the car. It was sheared off clean! Despite all of this, I walked away from the accident with only glass cuts.

If anyone has any questions on dealing with insurance companies after losing their DeLoreans, contact me at Louie(AT)DeLorean.com. I'm now fully versed in the procedure, and how to get the replacement cost you want. As for VIN 10115, she was bought by another DeLorean owner to be a guinea pig for fitting a Corvette LS1 V8 in a DeLorean. As for me, I'm already back in the saddle…see next picture

Louie Golden Charlotte, NC

He later bought 5252, and subsequently sold it.

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