Why is DW superior?


There are now other sites out there collecting information on cars. In truth, we are each building something unique and there is enough out there for everyone. But why is DeloreanWiki (DW) a superior format?

1) We are creating a baseline upon which to build a detailed history of every car.

Whenever we see documentation on a certain car, we grab it and put it up. That is so when somebody comes looking for it one of these days, they'll find it.

2) It's simple.

Just email me whatever you want and we'll put it up.

3) You get facts quick.

Want to know how many Deloreans have caught fire? Then search "fire." Want to know how many are overseas? Then search "Overseas." How many are in New Zealand? You get the picture.

Thanks for your contributions… we'll be here adding information as long as we are still alive! We continue to move to the goal of having a baseline entry of every VIN.

—Sam Hill and DW Crew

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